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The things you will gain when you contribute to our Blink website as a guest writer include how to write on interesting and broad topics and the best way to relay your ideas to others, as our expert and top quality editors will help you with their constructive feedbacks to this effect.

Blink Embrace New Writers to Contribute to Our Website

Experience is not one of the requirements for those who wants to write for Blink, but we always strive towards the best, so new brilliant guest writers are always welcomed to make contributions. We are aware that the experience of submitting your contribution to us will always present some challenges and at the same time excite you.

When you guest post on our website, you are given the platform to spread your idea to the entire world, as a new set of people gets to read you, and you also become part of our Blink established community. Because of our wide reach in the bid to effect lasting changes with positive, inspiring and educational content, millions of people will have access to your works.

Experienced Writers are Welcome to Contribute to Our Website

A lot would be gained by our established community and readers from contributions and existing ideas from experienced guest writers. The avalanche of writing styles, topics and perspectives that our experienced writers contribute are enjoyed by Blink readers. New followers from our community and some fresh audience are some of the things that established writers can also gain.

Write for Us – What Blink are Looking For

In order not to submit content that is already in our website, and to understand our writing structure and style,  new writers are advised to take a look at the content in our website before they write and submit theirs.

The content you submit must have exclusive, educative and original ideas. When you make direct quotes, do not fail to cite them properly because we frown at plagiarism of all types. Blink don’t allow the republication of suggestions; but you can only put it on your individual website after you have gotten the appropriate permission.

Marvelous posts and writings could be marred by spelling, punctuation and grammar errors, so you have to double check these before you post. Remember that the use of relevant keywords to make it easier for people to find your content when they conduct searches is also invaluable. You must ensure that the title and the first line are catchy enough, and that the beginning of the article is loaded with the most captivating and proper information.

The length of the posts Blink accept from guest writers is between 500 and 1500, words with the appropriate links and images where necessary. Readers are always captivated and charmed by visuals like original photographs and images, and these will normally get them to read your content till the last line.

Contact Us If You Want to Write for Us

It does not take much stress to contribute and to get the entire world to read your message. Just send your guest blog to our Blink Email if you want to start writing and contributing for us.

You can also contact our courteous team on Phone if you have more enquiries about how to write and post your contributions on our website.

We are always on the look out for new and interesting articles. If you would like to write an article, we will consider it for inclusion on the site although it’s usually worth contacting us first so we’re not duplicating content.

A biography box is included at the end of every article which can say a little bit about you and we can include links to 3 of your social networks such as Twitter / Facebook / Google+ / LinkedIn or Youtube Channel.

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