We all go about having Wanderlust in our Instagram Biofeed, and travelling doesn’t just take us to places physically, but it evolves us in small parts in a way nothing ever can. One must not act standoffish by being uptight while travelling because you never know what the situation might demand from you but how many of us actually keep a check on the airport facilities. I mean, you are paying hefty bucks for it , don’t you have the feel it’s your right to know where does the airport stand when it comes to its functionality, in general.

As yoda says Flying you are, Airport QI check you must. Okay, so Yoda didn’t actually say it but the SKYTRAX has had their World Airport Awards and they have declared their list of best airports worldwide.

Scroll down to see if your airport made it to the list:

Singapore Changi Airport:

Making it to the top of the list is the Shanghai Changi Airport. Apart from being listed in the world’s best airport for shopping, for being as clean as a new pin ,it ranks second in the number of passengers that are travelling & has been favored by customers for its dining etiquettes.YOu can hire a taxi to visit the SIngapore Flyer which is a 17 minutes ride.

Tokyo Haneda international airport:

It might have ranked second in the overall list but Tokyo Haneda Airport tops the list for the number of passengers.Taking home awards for being in the list of top ten cleanest airport, this Airport also makes it to the best airport staff service list. The grand tree musashikosugi ,a 39 minutes taxi ride, is a must see for the visitors.

Incheon International Airport

The Incheon International Airport that has already held the statute for being the best in the world is famous for its 0.0001% baggage mishandling rate. This spacious and a lush green airport has it’s glory sung across the world and the amicable customer service with a pitch clean environment only adds more to its quality.Make sure to visit the Songwdol Fairytale Village, a revival project , which is a 40 minutes taxi ride from the airport.

Munich International Airport:

Being amongst the world’s best airport for DIning alongside ranking third in the list for most number of passengers, Munich Airport is named München Flughafen or der Flughafen after Franz-Josef Strauss, an aeroplane fanatic.The beverage curious souls canvisit Erdinger Brewery which is a 25 minutes taxi ride from the airport.

Zurich International Airport:

The mountain view on the subway ride to the airport does not only makes The Zurich International Airport worthy of being in the list but it’s the maintained hygiene alongside being a treat for shoppers and having one of the most numbers of passengers travelling  in the world that marks its position in the world’s best airport. The visitors or passengers with layovers can visit Glattzentrum, also known as Einkaufszentrum Glatt, shopping mall , which is a 30 minutes taxi ride from the airport.

London Heathrow International Airport:

London is one of the many fanciest fashion hubs of the world, giving the world gems like Stella McCartney & ALexander McQueen and hence it’s only fair that the London Heathrow Airport makes it way to the top ten airport for shoppers.Its also known for being one of cleanest and busiest airport in the world.

Frankfurt International Airport:

Apart for being a heaven for shoppers, Frankfurt airport is one of the busiest airport in Germany with a total of 64, 500, 386 passengers annually.Hauptwache, a historical garden turned cafe is a 25 minutes taxi ride from the airport.

Another airports making to the list are: Hamad International Airport Qatar, Hong Kong International Airport & Chubu Centrair Nagoya International Airport. Paris CDG made it to the list of world’s best shopping airport & the airport that has improved significantly amongst others.

Be  informed and keep sharing the knowledge. Also, another important factor in travelling is the accommodation & your mode of commute. There are several taxi service provider outside the airport which can be pre-booked, but you must always look for those which provide hassle-free, no hidden charges services and keep a track of your flight, in-case it’s cancelled or delayed.


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