Tourism has been booming throughout Croatia in recent years, and they’ve recently celebrated 25 years of independence. British tourism in Croatia was up by 21% this year, Game of Thrones is a likely factor in the increase. If you’re planning to visit Croatia at any point, whether it’s for pleasure or for business, remember to fill out your EHIC application here. You should be approved for your card within a matter of days, and you can save yourself from costly medical bills in the process.


Zlatni Rat is the best known beach in Croatia, and if you’ve ever flicked through a Croatia travel guide, you’ll see it on most of the pages. Many Croatian beaches are pebbled rather than sandy, but the crystal clear waters are a beautiful turquoise colour. There are thousands of little islands and islets, all of them very unique and glorious.


Throughout Europe, Croatia is one of the hottest countries and it is common to enjoy at least twelve hours of sunshine throughout May and June, and thirteen hours through July and August. The winters are relatively mild (still much warmer than the UK) which means you can have a very comfortable break in Croatia all year round.


Game Of Thrones

There has been a growing popularity in Croatia due to the fact that a lot of the hit HBO show Game of Thrones is filmed there. Dubrovnik especially has been the most filmed location that was used for the Red Keep gardens, Fortress of Klis is used for the Meereen exterior shots, and the St Dominic  in Trogir has appeared as the city of Qarth. It is rumoured that the show will finish after the seventh season, but the popularity of the area will live in on for fans to visit for a long time to come.


Croatia is one of only a handful of countries who have managed to join the EU and retain their own currency. While our pound has suffered a slump against both the dollar and euro, the Croatian Kuna has remained strong, offering tourists a great deal on exchange rates. It’s not unusual to enjoy a pint of beer in Croatia for around £2, while a dinner for two can cost as little as £40. This means a small amount of spending money can go a long way, and you can even find high quality hotels at surprisingly low rates.


When you think of coffee, traditionally you might think of Italy, but in fact Croatia can more than hold its own in the world of caffeine. The medieval quarter of Gornji Grad is home to a neo-gothic cathedral and the avenues are lined with stunning trees. There is a wide range of fabulous cafés, usually packed full of friendly locals. When you try even a sip of Croatian coffee, you’ll never want to drink regular coffee again.


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