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Ladies, it’s that time again. stylists have hand-picked their hottest looks in shoes for the season. Here they are, along with tips on how to wear them. Note that Shoebuy sponsors this post, and, as always, all opinions are my own.

Casual Kicks to Wear Now

First, let’s dive into the classic category of casual sneakers. Back in 1908, Marquis Mills Converse created Converse Shoe Company and 100-plus years later, women of all ages have a wide range of non-athletic sneakers to wear on casual days. Casual, rubber-soled shoes are an unsung hero of fashion, in my humble opinion. Why? Because they’re so versatile. You can wear those casual kicks with denim shorts, skinny jeans, short skirts, maxi dresses and mini dresses. Pair them with ripped jeans and flannel and you are grunge. Go for khaki skinny pants and an oxford shirt and you’re preppy.

What’s really fun in casual kicks right now is the ability to experiment with modified styles and fabrics. The Naturalizer Kail Loafer for example is made of a crocodile-printed PU, and Vans has a mule-style slip-on for ultimate ease (I mean, you don’t even have to bend down to pull up the back of the shoe over your heel, right??)

Ready to add some casual kicks to your wardrobe? Check out these on-trend options.

Wedges to Wear Now

Next up are wedges. Always a great option and my personal favorite shoe style for business casual (make sure those toes are polished!), wedges give you a heel that’s easy and comfortable to walk in. Wedges look amazing with bootcut jeans and skirts/ dresses that aren’t too bulky or too slim. Don’t pair a wedge with something slinky though, especially if you have larger feet — you run the risk of being unbalanced.

Try these styles this summer. I especially love the Hush Puppies in dark orange.


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