House extensions are great alternatives to moving house when you are in need of a bigger space. It allows you to add more spaces and extra rooms to your home. You also get to install new decorations or any other equipment that catches your fantasy.

There are various ways you can renovate or redesign your home with house extensions.

But before setting out, there are some things you ought to put into consideration first before taking any step. With so many possibilities of how you can redesign and redecorate your home with some fabulous new home furnishings, things could easily get out of hand and result in a disaster.

One of the things that could interfere with your decision of getting house extensions is lighting. This has to do with the artificial and natural lighting at different time of the day that you want to let in.

Another important factor is the number of windows in your home. Windows are what let in the natural lighting and ensure that there is proper circulation of air. It also calls for some consideration of how the house extension is going to affect your neighbours and the accessibility of the house afterward.

Here are house extension ideas and designs that will be of help to you:

Ground floor house extensions

You might need to compromise or have an easy way when adding house extensions to your ground floor. This is entirely dependent on the space that is available. For most suburban homes, the extensions would expand all the way to the backyard. With that, you could add a sunroom, an additional veranda, or to extend your living room. But if your home is not a typical suburban home, and you have a lesser space, you might need to have a rethink about adding these types of extensions. You should think along the lines of smaller house extension ideas.

Second-floor house extensions

Adding house extensions on the second-floor calls for some favourable weather to avoid disaster. To add house extensions to a second floor, the roof would be open. This means that the weather could interfere with ongoing work. And if it is during the rainy seasons, you could expose your home properties to ruins from the rain.

But the good thing about adding house extensions to second floors is that it is less expensive because of lack of need for foundation, according to Dick Haddington who works for a home extensions Oxford company.

Before embarking on adding extensions to your home, make sure that you have gotten the necessary building permits needed for the construction.

You should also notify your neighbours since the construction will probably affect their lives. And do not spend so much money on adding house extensions to your home. You should leave some money behind for adding furniture and some decorations to the new extensions.


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