The bitcoin has been soaring in 2017, reaching an all-time high value of almost $4,500 in October. This cryptocurrency, which was invented in 2008, has been popular among investors since its inception. Now, it is also gaining popularity among merchants and consumers because of the convenience that this technology offers as an alternative payment option to cash and credit card. In fact, you can now buy almost anything using bitcoins. Here are just some of the many things you can purchase using this digital currency.

Hotel Room Accommodations

Wherever you are planning to travel abroad, you can purchase hotel room accommodations on, the world’s largest online travel site, using bitcoins as your payment method. The company decided to add this payment option for its hotel booking customers as a way to add convenience to them and also to give them greater flexibility by adding more options on how they interact on their site.

This innovative move is made possible by Expedia’s partnership with Coinbase, a trusted third-party bitcoin payment processor. Coinbase is responsible for the integration of bitcoin payments into the platform’s hotel booking system. The option to pay with bitcoins can be seen as customers book online, along with other payment methods such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, Diners Club, and PayPal. Once this option is chosen, the customer is guided through the payment process with steps to follow.

Gift Cards

You can also buy gifts using this cryptocurrency. The website,, offers over 250 gift cards from a wide range of merchants, including Adidas, Amazon, iTunes, Macy’s, Nike, Nordstrom, The Home Depot, Uber, Gap, and Skype. All of the gift cards offered on this site may be purchased using bitcoins without additional charges. Members will even earn extra points when they pay with bitcoins. Compared to purchases paid with credit cards or PayPal, which rewards members with one point for every dollar spent, paying with bitcoins rewards members with two points for every dollar spent. Accumulated points can be redeemed later on for savings on their future purchases.

Online Gaming

Even online casinos like BitCasino are now accepting payments with bitcoins. In fact, for this specific online gaming site, the only payment option they offer their members is bitcoin payment. Wins are also given in the form of bitcoins. There are various BitCasino promotions being offered on a regular basis, which makes playing games on this site like Baccarat or Blackjack even more exciting. Even signing up for an account already gives new members a 100% welcome bonus up to m฿ 1,000. Another perk of playing with bitcoins is faster transactions, which members can appreciate especially when they are making withdrawals from their online bitcoin wallet. Instead of the usual waiting time of three to five banking days, transactions only take a few seconds in general, and a few hours at the most, depending on the amount being processed.

Obviously, the bitcoin technology is being embraced by businesses and customers alike, which is why this payment method is practically everywhere less than ten years from when this cryptocurrency was invented. Money, as we know it, has evolved and it is now more flexible than ever.


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