Night view on Christiansborg Palace over the channel in Copenhagen. GPS information is in the file

With such a crush of languages, cultures and opinions, Europe has held a certain charm to travellers and it’s sometimes hard to choose where to start because there are so many countries that boast their own unique persuasions. Whether you want a winter fairy-tale or a hot romantic trip to the Mediterranean; Europe has it all. If you are planning in traveling across Europe, then make sure you are renewing an e111 because by having EHIC you can feel safe that all your medical issues are checked with and covered. Now that you are all covered, let’s see what 5 countries you should visit in Europe.


This is actually the most visited country in the world believe it or not.  It has a massive 80000000 tourists a year! But can you blame the country? When you have film festivals, climate, fashion, food it definitely males for a great place to visit. France is pretty much suited for everyone whether you go with your family, friends or loved one; it just contains so much beautiful things. Some of the attractions are: the Eiffel tower, Notre de trhomphie, the French Rivera, champs eyleys tasulioes gardens and the biggest restaurant in the world Moulin rouge. In addition to this, there is Disney Land Paris, the tallest mountain in Europe and a host of skiing adventures. Best of all is to take part in the Tour Du Mont Blanc in the French alps – the world’s most breathtaking trek. If you are interested in taking part in a guided or even budget Tour Du Mont Blanc contact Salamander Adventures for their custom tours.


Denmark has been voted the ‘worlds happiest country’ so that’s one reason in visiting the place. Its capital Copenhagen offers some beautiful cobbled streets and fairy-tale looking enchantments. The country has an interesting history and so many updated facilities along with very friendly people. It’s a quiet and peaceful place which makes it perfect for the hard working lot to relax. The timber-famed houses makes it feel you’re some sort of Disney film, the framed houses of harbour towns such as Faaborg and Svenborg gives way to lovely farmlands and woods.


It may be expensive in Finland, but the country is so beautiful it will be worth that money. Boasting a number of forest’s, lakes and friendly people. Finland is actually known as the country of the thousands lakes. It’s literally a country that’s elemental, otherworldly and empty, which is a good thing. Its capital Helsinki offers great tracks of wilderness which is seemingly uninhabited and unexplored. It’s the best place to lose yourself in the expanses of forest and lakes and to top this all off, you can see the euphoric glow of the Northern Lights.


This little island is a perfect get away for anyone seeking hot weather and clear blue seas. It beneficial for English speaking tourists as their second language is indeed English, so there wouldn’t be any difficult language barriers to get through. When I said they get hot weather, boy do they get hot weather, more than 300 sunny days a year. This is a perfect destination for divers and snorkelers as the island surrounded by clear blue waters.


This is probably one of my favourite countries in Europe, with a backdrop of tranquil lakes, beautiful mountains villages and the majestic Alps; Switzerland is one of the beautiful visual-looking countries in Europe. It has a number of medieval towns to explore and ski resorts to entertain you with. Switzerland remains a favourite for both winter and summer travellers


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