The Waste From Skip Hire York Collection Of Our Skips And Bin Is Never Wasted

Skip Hire York prides ourselves on the kind of recycling facilities and services such as skip hire for house clearances that we provide. Ever wondered what happens to all the waste collected by Skip Hire York? (
Our staff brings the waste collected back to the recycling area. Before being place in the Materials Recycling Facility (MRF), the load is assessed and weighed. According to the type of the waste and if it has been pre-treated the load undergoes a basic sorting process – either in a Baling Hall or in the primary sorting building.
At the initial sorting period, big materials are taken out and put in the important depository bays, big and bulky materials like pallets, beds, huge metal elements, electrical devices and extended pieces of plastic and wood. The entire line may suffer damages if these big things are not removed. PLastic and cardboard is also removed in this stage and taking to the baling hall.
If the plastic isn’t suitable for baling, such as uPVC, plastic guttering, and pipes, it will be stored in containers and later sent to a special granulation facility. Any waste remaining is loaded into a feed hopper that can carry the material up to the picking lines.
At this stage, smaller pieces of timber, plastic and card are removed along with any nonferrous metals and wires. Next, the waste travels through a large rotating sieve or barrel screen which lets small stones and particles fall through.
Then to caught all the little pieces of metal that may have reached this point, the remaining go to a magnet. The material is then passed across a strong air knife. The air knife blows away any left out light fraction (mainly little pieces of card, plastic, and timber along with any dirty paper and card). This fraction has a high calorific values and will be baled and then used to generate energy. The remaining material receives a final inspection on the last picking line where the residual recyclates are removed to leave behind just clean hard-core material, which is ready to be crushed and reused within the industry of construction.
So what you thought was your waste will end up powering an electric light in Northern Europe or being reused as a plastic sack in Nottingham.
Waste isn’t waste!
Skip Hire York in Yorkshire is truly passionate about recycling both in our little part of the UK and worldwide. Throughout our many years of experience, the removal or extraordinary waste items from amazing people have helped Skip Hire York become the most trusted name in the waste disposal industry. We strongly believe that education about recycling is an important factor and the most effective way of saving the planet. Contact Skip Hire York for futher details on 0800 772 3859 or visit


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