The Waste That Skip Hire Warrington Carries Out Of Skips And Bins Is Never Really Wasted

Recycling and skip hire for rubble are aspects of the services Skip Hire Warrington provides due to our top of the range recycling plant. Have you ever wanted to know what happens to the waster that Skip Hire Warrington collects? (
All the waste gathered together by our workers is returned to our recycling centre. The waste which is brought in is weighed and assessed before it is taken to a Material Recycling Facility [MRF]. According to the type of the waste and if it has been pre-treated the load undergoes a basic sorting process – either in a Baling Hall or in the primary sorting building.
Large bulky items, like pallets, beds, large metal frames, electrical equipment, and long pieces of wood and plastic, are removed in this stage and placed into relevant bays for storage during the primary sort. If these items traveled through the picking lines, they could potentially cause damage. It is during this stage also that many of the plastic and cardboard are separated and transferred to the baling hall.
Some plastics are not good for baling (uPVC, plastic guttering, and pipes) so these are kept in containers while waiting to be transferred to an expert granulation facility. The remaining waste is charged into a feed container, which transports the recyclate to the selecting lines.
Little parts of wood, plastic and card are taken away also with any non-ferrous metals and wire. Then, to get rid of every piece of earth like sand or stones, the remainings are placed into a barrel screen which makes them fall to the ground.
Then to caught all the little pieces of metal that may have reached this point, the remaining go to a magnet. The material is then passed across a strong air knife. The air knife will blow away any remaining light fraction in the form of small pieces of card, plastic, wood along with any soiled paper and card. This fraction has a relatively high calorific value, and therefore, it is then taken to be baled and will be utilised to generate energy from waste. The rest of the material is finally examined on the last picking line where the residual recyclates are removed leaving clean hardcore set to be grounded and used again in the building industry.
Therefore, where is the waste going to end up – powering the electric lights in northern Europe or being manufactured as a plastic sack in Nottingham?
Make good use of rubbish!
Skip Hire Warrington in Cheshire is truly passionate about recycling both in our little part of the UK and worldwide. Skip Hire Warrington has become a name to be trusted in the waste-disposal industry because of the experience they have for several years and extraordinary people and removal of their remarkable waste items. With the powerful feelings that education about recycling is the most essential and efficient way to save the planet. Contact Skip Hire Warrington for futher details on 0800 772 3859 or visit


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