The Waste From Skip Hire South London Collection Of Our Skips And Bin Is Never Wasted

Recycling and skip hire for rubble are aspects of the services Skip Hire South London provides due to our top of the range recycling plant. Ever wondered what happens to all the waste collected by Skip Hire South London? (
All the waste collected by our personnel finds its way to our recycling centre. The waste which is brought in is weighed and assessed before it is taken to a Material Recycling Facility [MRF]. According to the type of the waste and if it has been pre-treated the load undergoes a basic sorting process – either in a Baling Hall or in the primary sorting building.
Big things like big pieces of metal or wood, machinery or long pieces of plastic are put in the storage bays during the classification. The entire line may suffer damages if these big things are not removed. This is also the stage when a major portion of the plastic and cardboard is removed and transported to the baling Hall.
Some plastics are not good for baling (uPVC, plastic guttering, and pipes) so these are kept in containers while waiting to be transferred to an expert granulation facility. Any waste remaining is loaded into a feed hopper that can carry the material up to the picking lines.
There, smaller pieces of wood, plastic, and cardboard are taken out along with wires and non-ferrous metals. Thereafter, the waste will pass through a giant rotating sieve or barrel screen, which will eliminate all the small stones and particles from the earth to fall through.
What’s left then goes under a strong magnet to capture the ferrous metals. Next, the material goes over a powerful air knife. If there is still some light piece of some material, the air knife takes them away. This part of the materials is used to create energy because it has a high caloric value. The remaining element is provided a last analysis on the final selecting line where and lingering recyclates are getting rid of clear hardcore prepared to be smashed and reused in the construction field.
Then where will your waste finish up, will it be electrifying an individual’s electric light in Northern Europe or being fabricated again as plastic sack in Nottingham?
Do not waste the waste!
Skip Hire South London, based in Greater London, is excited about reusing and not only in our small corner of the United Kingdom, but global. Through many years of proficiency, uncommon people and the disposal of their extraordinary waste items Skip Hire South London have attained a reputation that can be relied on in the waste management industry. We strongly believe that saving the planet begin with education about recycling. Contact Skip Hire South London for futher details on 0800 772 3859 or visit


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