The Waste From Skip Hire Nuneaton Collection Of Our Skips And Bin Is Never Wasted

Recycling and skip hire for rubble are aspects of the services Skip Hire Nuneaton provides due to our top of the range recycling plant. Ever wondered what happens to all the waste collected by Skip Hire Nuneaton? (
All the waste gathered together by our workers is returned to our recycling centre. The load heaviness is measured and estimated prior to being transferred to a Materials Recycling Facility (MRF). The waste goes through a primary sorting operation at either Baling Hall or in the main sorting building, depending on the nature of the load and whether or not it has been pretreated.
Big things like big pieces of metal or wood, machinery or long pieces of plastic are put in the storage bays during the classification. These materials could provoke harm in case they could go through the selecting lines. It is during this stage also that many of the plastic and cardboard are separated and transferred to the baling hall.
Plastics of some types are unsuitable for baling [UPVC, plastic guttering and pipes] and therefore, these are stored in containers before being transported to a specialised granulation facility. The remaining waste is charged into a feed container, which transports the recyclate to the selecting lines.
Everything that is not made of metal is taken away in this part. Thereafter, the waste will pass through a giant rotating sieve or barrel screen, which will eliminate all the small stones and particles from the earth to fall through.
Then to caught all the little pieces of metal that may have reached this point, the remaining go to a magnet. The material is thereafter passed over a powerful air knife. The air knife will blow away any remaining light fraction in the form of small pieces of card, plastic, wood along with any soiled paper and card. Because of the more or less great caloric value, this portion is then taken to be baled and will be utilized to produce energy from waste. The remaining material receives a final inspection on the last picking line where the residual recyclates are removed to leave behind just clean hard-core material, which is ready to be crushed and reused within the industry of construction.
This means that offer energy for someone or being used to build houses is the destiny of everything you throw away.
Do not waste the waste!
Skip Hire Nuneaton, based in Warwickshire, is excited about reusing and not only in our small corner of the United Kingdom, but global. Through many years of proficiency, uncommon people and the disposal of their extraordinary waste items Skip Hire Nuneaton have attained a reputation that can be relied on in the waste management industry. We strongly believe that education about recycling is an important factor and the most effective way of saving the planet. You can call Skip Hire Nuneaton for further details on 0800 772 3859 or go to


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