The Waste From Skip Hire Northampton Collection Of Our Skips And Bin Is Never Wasted

Skip Hire Northampton prides ourselves on the kind of recycling facilities and services such as skip hire for house clearances that we provide. Have you ever thought what is the destiny of everything that Skip Hire Northampton gather? (
All the waste collected by our personnel finds its way to our recycling centre. The waste which is brought in is weighed and assessed before it is taken to a Material Recycling Facility [MRF]. Based on the type of the waste and if it has been previously treated, the load goes through a basic sorting performance or in a Baling Hall or in the major sorting building.
During the main sorting operation, big items are separated and placed in the applicable storage bays – big and heavy items like pallets, beds, big metal objects, electrical tools and long pieces of plastic and wood. These objects could bring harm or injury if they were permitted to go over the picking lines. PLastic and cardboard is also removed in this stage and taking to the baling hall.
If the plastic isn’t suitable for baling, such as uPVC, plastic guttering, and pipes, it will be stored in containers and later sent to a special granulation facility. Everything that’s left is put into a feed hopper and taken to the picking lines.
There, smaller pieces of wood, plastic, and cardboard are taken out along with wires and non-ferrous metals. Then, to get rid of every piece of earth like sand or stones, the remainings are placed into a barrel screen which makes them fall to the ground.
So the remaining part goes under a powerful magnet, which catches the ferrous metals. Then the element is passed by a strong air knife. The air knife blows away any left out light fraction (mainly little pieces of card, plastic, and timber along with any dirty paper and card). This part of the materials is used to create energy because it has a high caloric value. What’s left goes through one last inspection on another picking line where residual recyclable material is removed and only clean, ready to be crushed and reused hardcore is left to be utilized by the construction industry.
So what you thought was your waste will end up powering an electric light in Northern Europe or being reused as a plastic sack in Nottingham.
Do not waste the waste!
Skip Hire Northampton in Northamptonshire is truly passionate about recycling both in our little part of the UK and worldwide. Skip Hire Northampton has become a name to be trusted in the waste-disposal industry because of the experience they have for several years and extraordinary people and removal of their remarkable waste items. With the powerful feelings that education about recycling is the most essential and efficient way to save the planet. You can contact Skip Hire Northampton on 0800 772 3859 or visit for more information.


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