The Waste Carried Out By Skip Hire Gosport From The Skips, And Bins Is Never Wasted

Skip Hire Gosport, our high quality recycling facilities are an important part of our services such as skip hire for hazardous waste that we pride ourselves in. Ever wondered what happens to all the waste collected by Skip Hire Gosport? (
Our staff brings the waste collected back to the recycling area. The load heaviness is measured and estimated prior to being transferred to a Materials Recycling Facility (MRF). The load will pass through a primary sorting operation to determine whether it has been pretreated depending on the nature of the waste either in the main sorting building or in Baling Hall.
Large bulky items, like pallets, beds, large metal frames, electrical equipment, and long pieces of wood and plastic, are removed in this stage and placed into relevant bays for storage during the primary sort. These materials could provoke harm in case they could go through the selecting lines. Most of the plastic is also take to the baling hall during this phase of the process.
Plastics of some types are unsuitable for baling [UPVC, plastic guttering and pipes] and therefore, these are stored in containers before being transported to a specialised granulation facility. Everything that’s left is put into a feed hopper and taken to the picking lines.
At this point, little pieces of wood, plastic, and card are separated in addition to any non-ferrous metals and wire. Next, the waste travels through a large rotating sieve or barrel screen which lets small stones and particles fall through.
What’s left then goes under a strong magnet to capture the ferrous metals. The material is then passed across a strong air knife. Any remaining light fraction is removed by the air knife, including small pieces of cardboard, plastic, and wood plus soiled paper. This part of the materials is used to create energy because it has a high caloric value. Then everything that remains is used in the construction business but first, is checked one more time to later be crushed and reduced to little particles.
So what you thought was your waste will end up powering an electric light in Northern Europe or being reused as a plastic sack in Nottingham.
Make good use of rubbish!
Skip Hire Gosport, based in Hampshire, is excited about reusing and not only in our small corner of the United Kingdom, but global. Skip Hire Gosport have made to itself an important name in the recycling of wasting industry thanks to its great work done through many years of excellence. Recycling is an essential part of the work that is necessary to preserve the environment, and that is our philosophy. You can contact Skip Hire Gosport on 0800 772 3859 or visit for more information.


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