The Waste From Skip Hire Birkenhead Collection Of Our Skips And Bin Is Never Wasted

Recycling and skip hire for rubble are aspects of the services Skip Hire Birkenhead provides due to our top of the range recycling plant. Ever wondered what happens to all the waste collected by Skip Hire Birkenhead? (
All the waste gathered together by our workers is returned to our recycling centre. Previously to be delivered to a Materials Recycling Facility (MRF) the wastes are weighed and evaluated. According to the type of the waste and if it has been pre-treated the load undergoes a basic sorting process – either in a Baling Hall or in the primary sorting building.
During the main sorting operation, big items are separated and placed in the applicable storage bays – big and heavy items like pallets, beds, big metal objects, electrical tools and long pieces of plastic and wood. These are the kind of items, which can cause damages if they are allowed to pass through the picking lines. This is also the stage when a major portion of the plastic and cardboard is removed and transported to the baling Hall.
A granulation installation is for those pieces that are not proper for the bailing hall such as uPVC and plastic pipes. The remaining waste is charged into a feed container, which transports the recyclate to the selecting lines.
At this stage, smaller pieces of timber, plastic and card are removed along with any nonferrous metals and wires. So the waste goes through a huge rotating strainer, or barrel screen, which can let every little stones and pieces of earth to fall through.
So the remaining part goes under a powerful magnet, which catches the ferrous metals. Then the element is passed by a strong air knife. The air knife reduces lingering light parts, mainly little parts of card, plastic and wood simultaneously with each dirty paper and card. This part of the materials is used to create energy because it has a high caloric value. The remaining material receives a final inspection on the last picking line where the residual recyclates are removed to leave behind just clean hard-core material, which is ready to be crushed and reused within the industry of construction.
Therefore, where is the waste going to end up – powering the electric lights in northern Europe or being manufactured as a plastic sack in Nottingham?
Make good use of rubbish!
Recycling in our location is not the only place where Skip Hire Birkenhead is looking to work. Skip Hire Birkenhead has become a trustworthy company in the waste disposal field due to the decades of practice, amazing staff and the elimination of the waste materials. Skip Hire Birkenhead believes that educating the public about the importance of recycling is an efficient method to save the world. You can contact Skip Hire Birkenhead for a digital information on 0800 772 3859 or visit


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