Services Provided


Report Date: Thursday, July 04, 2002

Services Provided

The 1990 Trust provides the following services.


Training and consultancy

Experienced Trainers and facilitators can provide training and consultancy services on a wide range of race related issues. Examples include:

  • Capacity building in Black communities
  • Managing ethnic diversity
  • Race equality management
  • Human Rights and Black Communities
  • Best value and Race
  • Race and cultural awareness
  • Legislation and Policy


This website (Black information link) is the 1990 Trust Website. In 1998 Blink won the Networker of the year award fron the Internet service provider GreenNet for “outstanding and inspirational contribution to networking on-line”. Netscape also placed Blink on their “Cool sites” directory in recognition of the prominence we gave to the Mal Hussein campaign.

We can help with putting up items of news or information about your organisation, advertising or providing links.

B2B – Black to Black

This is the quarterly newsletter of the 1990 Trust and has a database of 3,500 organisations. You may wish to submit articles or advertising.

Research and Policy Development

Drawing on a pool of experienced researchers and writers, the Trust can help with identifying and actioning research and policy work.

Conferences, consultation and meetings

We can offer direct or mediated help with community interaction, drawing on our experience, contacts and ethical guidelines for community consultation.

Examples of recent work

  • The First Arlene Mundle Debate: “Are Black Kids to Blame for Street Robbery?” chaired by Henry Bonsu and Brenda Emmanus, BBC London.

  • Independent report of the Stephen Lawrence Inquiry (“A Culture of Denial”)
  • Three national conferences on Race Legislation and Policy, Managing Diversity and Human Rights
  • Work to enable the best results for Black communities from the World Conference against Racism in South Africa in September 2001. This included the launch of a national Apology,Memorial and Reparations campaign.
  • Research on the funding levels to the Black voluntary sector and their role in civic engagement and social inclusion(funded by the Joseph Rowntree foundation
  • Research with De Montfort University into the needs of Black and minority groups in Bedfordshire and the London Borough of Hillingdon
  • Production of news magazine “Black to Black”
  • Representation in European anti-racist networks
  • Development of an online health iinformation resource aimed at Black communities. information on common conditions and healthy living is translated into several languages. See
  • Training programmes with local authorities and other public bodies on meeting the requirements of the new Race Relations (Ammendment) Act, the European Directives on Equality and the Equality Standard.
  • Capacity building programmes with Black groups
  • Partners in Operation Trident – to tackle Black on Black gun crime.
  • Working to ensure that Black communities are sufficiently informed to make best use of the Race Relations Ammendment Act, the Human Rights Act and other race legislation and policy
  • Partners to an Equal Programme for delivering broadband in the UK to disadvantaged groups

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