Sash Windows Runcorn In Cheshire understands for reasons that are appropriate that the Windows are often called the “eyes of the house.”

They bring in natural light, allow you to view out of, and define the style and design of your own building. This means that understanding your windows is always important to know. What sash windows are ( Sash windows are usually made up of two moving panels, which otherwise known sashes. . The most familiar kind of sash window, the ‘sliding sash’, comprises of two sashes that glide up and down, one in front and one at the back, counterpoised by lead weights on cords. This has, however, changed in most of the contemporary types of the sash window, and many have been equipped with springs instead of weights. . A sliding sash window can be opened from the bottom at the top, and you have the option of choosing how you will open the window. . Older style sliding sash windows do not have an outward swing, but modern styles have a tilt to them. The term and word “sash”, comes from the French word for frame. It is then reasonable that the ‘sash’ in sash windows signifies a single frame for glazing. In conventional sash windows, there are a few small panes held together with glazing bars to create larger areas. Sash Windows an Aspect of British architecture.

Sash windows originally came into fashion in England during the late 17th century, and maintained a stylish part of architecture for the next two centuries

Because they were popular for such a long time, they’re used in homes from different eras, including the Victorian, Georgian, and Regency periods. However, there are a few little changes and differences between each area. If you want to give your house a certain traditional look, you must know from which period is. If it isn’t, then you can choose whatever style windows you prefer. Sash windows will give you an opportunity to have some great practical benefits even if you are not looking forward to having a traditional feel because information about how sash windows are one of the best methods of controlling ventilation and air flow throughout the building, especially when they are well-maintained and sealed is a fact that is not understood by many. .

Because of their design, even cracking the window open a little bit will make for an impressive ventilation system

additionally, sash windows are very secure for a few reasons. first of all, sash windows can be held in an ajar position. this enables you to leave your window open a little without the threat of intruders. another security feature is the glazing. because sash windows are generally composed of many small glazing panels, it would be very difficult for a burglar to climb past a damaged window or broken glass when the glazing bars is not damaged. There are also certain regular issues connected to sash windows. Sash Windows Runcorn in Cheshire recommends watching and paying good attention to sash windows, in order to be sure that they are functioning well.

Original and period sash windows more than any others

Although, damage can always be amended with a little renovation. timber sash windows are often prone to rotting because of the flaking paint. Sash Windows Runcorn can replace your box sash windows with UPVC. regular upkeep and new paint finishes can help prevent this. damaged and worn out cords are a common issue with traditional sash windows and make the sashes to become immovable. this is normally easily repaired and does not imply that you need to change your windows. but, it is vital that you have them repaired straight away, as when one breaks, the others will soon give way and also break due to the increased pressure. sashes have great weight so this is a possible threatening condition. too much paint building up can lead to your windows sticking and not sliding properly. before you apply a fresh coat of paint on your windows, massage them with sugar soap to take away any dirt and accumulation or flaky paint. in conventional sash windows, the removal of dirt is usually an issue. that’s why more modern sash windows tilt in to make cleaning easier. How Do You Install a Sash Window?

Sash Windows Runcorn is aware it is vital to install your windows properly if you want them to properly do their intended job

It has often been observed that sash windows are fitted into a brick wall and therefore, having a few tips within your possession will prove beneficial. . the border and the sashes can be divided. placing the windows will be easier if you do it. an error will be less probable. use an air shim to place the border. place the wedges near the corners of the frame between the frame and the wall. you can then acclimatise accordingly; ensuring that the window is at a minimum of 5 cm into the brickwork in order to safeguard it from atmospheric conditions. to burglar proof your windows, make sure to block them up on all sides. immediately you completely block the window, make a hole on both sides into a brick and not a joint between 2 bricks. consider that you’ll need to put screws in less obvious places. ensure that the distance between the screws does not exceed 60 cm because there is generally a label on the windowpane providing details of the measurements. when the frame is protected, plumb and level, put in the sashes. if you are having traditional cord operated sash windows you must ensure that the weight is placed near the top to the frame, pinned in the position and that after attached to the top sash. you can make use of carpet tacks or a knot to achieve this. then, remove the first pins and allow the top sash to sit in its intended position. the same procedure needs to be repeated for the bottom sash. Sash Windows Runcorn is experts in traditional and modern construction methods, and we enjoy sharing our expertise with customers. . Call 0800 061 4053, or visit our website at for more details on our sash windows.


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