Sash Windows Manchester in Greater Manchester understands why people say that windows are the “eyes of the house”

They bring in natural light, allow you to view out of, and define the style and design of your own building. This signifies that having the information about your windows is helpful at all times. What sash windows are? ( Sash windows got their name from the two moveable “sashes” that compose the window itself. The most familiar kind of sash window, the ‘sliding sash’, comprises of two sashes that glide up and down, one in front and one at the back, counterpoised by lead weights on cords. More modern sash windows may have springs instead of weights. Gliding sash windows can be unclosed at the top or bottom, or both. Conventionally, they have no external swing but most recent designs bend in and out. In French sash means frame, that is the origin of the term. A single case for glazing is the meaning behind “sash”. A big glazed zone is formed by little panes that hold tight in one piece, this how regular sash windows works. Sash Windows an Aspect of British architecture.

After 200 years the sash windows are still considered a stylish piece, they were brought to the UK by the French in the 17th century

In several houses with different historical styles, you can see sash windows. However, there are a few little changes and differences between each area. If your property is one of these particular styles, it could be important when maintaining the historical feel of your home. On the contrary, it depends on your taste if you are not interested in making it look traditional. Sash windows have a great capacity of regulating how the air flows into a house, if they keep sealed properly, this is a benefit that no everybody knows, which means that sash windows are not only about the look.

By the reason of the way they function, even opening the window a little can create a strong air circulation system

additionally, sash windows are very secure for a few reasons. first of all, they can be locked even when they’re slightly ajar. thanks to that your window can be open enough to let the wind in, but no an unwanted guest. the glazing has a role in here too. sash windows are typically made of multiple small panels, making it impossible for an intruder to break the window and climb in as the glazing bars will still be intact. However to be sure that they are working in the right way Sash Windows Manchester in Greater Manchester advice to watch the windows constantly.

Original and period sash windows more than any others

However, any damage to the window can easily be sorted out with restoration. flaking paint can cause wood sash windows to rot. Sash Windows Manchester can replace your sash windows with UPVC. this is able to be prevented by consistent maintenance and regular painting. damaged and worn out cords are a common issue with traditional sash windows and make the sashes to become immovable. do not look for new windows because it can be repaired. however, it is important to fix them quickly once they break because the strain will be unequal and more damage can occur. sash windows can be heavy, and this could lead to a potentially hazardous situation. too much paint building up can lead to your windows sticking and not sliding properly. prior to adding a new paint coat, get a sugar soap and rub them down to remove any unwanted dirt and flaking of paint. cleaning traditional sash windows can be problematic. although, more recent ones usually comes with a bending function also in order to make the process easier. How To Install a Sash Window?

Sash Windows Manchester understands the essentiality of installing your windows properly if you want them to properly carry out their job

Regularly, you will be having your windows installed into a brick wall, so it’s always helpful to have a few tips up your sleeve before work begins. you can in most cases separate the sashes from the frame. placing the windows will be easier if you do it. this will then reduce any risk to injury or mistakes being made. place the frame in place by using air wedges. put the air wedges in the corners of the frame, between the frame and the wall. this will allow you to make any adjustments that you needs; make sure the window is a minimum of 5cm away from the wall to protect it against weather damage. make a Windows burglar proof by ensuring that they are blocked up on the side. drill a hole in each side into the brick instead of putting a joint, after you have secured your window. the screw must not be easy to see, remember that. ensure the distance from screw to screw does not go over 60 cm; usually there is a label on the actual window panel that details the measurements for you. put the sashes once the border is well fixed and level. with conventional, cord-controlled sash windows ensure the weight is at the top of the frame, held there and then fasten to the top sash. you can do this by tying a knot or using carpet tacks. you can then remove the initial pins to allow the top sash to position itself normally. repeat the same process for the bottom sash. Sash Windows Manchester is adepts in conventional and contemporary construction and takes pleasure in sharing our special skills or knowledge with clients. To learn more about sash windows, or to find out if we can assist you, kindly contact us on 0800 061 4053 or go to


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