Sash Windows Hammersmith in Greater London believes it’s for good reason that windows are usually referred to as the ‘eyes of the house’

The help to build the personality of a property, allow the entry of light to let you see everything. This should be an indicator to you that it will be helpful for you to understand your windows. . What sash windows are ( Sash windows are usually made up of two moving panels, which otherwise known sashes. . One of the most common types of a sash window that has a sliding sash where it is made up of two sashes that will be siding up and down one of which will be in the front and one from behind which will be appropriately balanced by lead weights and cards. . However, weights are not the main part anymore in modern sash windows, but springs. The sliding sash windows have openings at the bottom and top. Older style sliding sash windows do not have an outward swing, but modern styles have a tilt to them. The term and word “sash”, comes from the French word for frame. The “sash” in sash windows is referring to the single frame glazing. Sash windows of the conventional variety have numerous small panes, which are held together by the glazing bars in order to create a larger glazed area. . Sash windows An Important Part British Architecture .

Sash windows were brought into England near the end of the 17th century by the French and was regarded extremely trendy for the subsequent 2 centuries

This is the reason why these windows are found in houses that belong to a different era, including the Victorian, Georgian and the Regency periods. . However, there are a few little changes and differences between each area. If your home is of a specific design this could be of some importance when making efforts to catch the historical feel of the house. If it isn’t, then you can choose whatever style windows you prefer. Even if you may not be searching for a conventional look, sash windows can still benefit you. It is a well known fact that sash windows, when maintenanced and sealed correctly, are one of the best ways to control the flow of air through a building.

Due to the way they operate, even slightly opening the window can create a strong ventilation current through the environment

additionally, sash windows are very secure for a few reasons. top and foremost is the fact that sash windows can be locked in a position which is slightly open. this means you can have your windows slightly open without bothering about burglars. another security feature is the glazing. sash windows are typically made of multiple small panels, making it impossible for an intruder to break the window and climb in as the glazing bars will still be intact. However to be sure that they are working in the right way Sash Windows Hammersmith in Greater London advice to watch the windows constantly.

For original and period sash windows, this is particularly important

Although, damage can always be amended with a little renovation. timber sash windows are often prone to rotting because of the flaking paint. Sash Windows Hammersmith can replace your box sash windows with UPVC. regular upkeep and new paint finishes can help prevent this. a particular issue with regular sash windows that tend to stop the sashes are the broken and worn away cords. this can be fixed easily, and doesn’t mean you need to have your windows replaced. it is important to repair them immediately though as once one get damaged, the other one will soon follow because of the resulting pressure being uneven. this is a risky circumstance because of the weight of the sashes. if your windows are being held together and not sliding as it should, this could be owing to too much paint accumulation. prior to putting up a new coat of paint on the windows you should be rubbing them down with sugar shop in order to remove any dirt and the build-up of flaky paint. in conventional sash windows, the removal of dirt is usually an issue. however, things are different with the modern varieties which are available because they often have tilting functions, which have simplified the process. Fitting Sash Windows.

Sash Windows Hammersmith understands the essentiality of installing your windows properly if you want them to properly carry out their job

Regularly, you will be having your windows installed into a brick wall, so it’s always helpful to have a few tips up your sleeve before work begins. you can in most cases separate the sashes from the frame. placing the windows will be easier if you do it. this factor will lower the risk of you making mistakes of any type. use an air shim to place the border. place the wedges near the corners of the frame between the frame and the wall. you can then acclimatise accordingly; ensuring that the window is at a minimum of 5 cm into the brickwork in order to safeguard it from atmospheric conditions. intruders look for failures on the top and sides of your windows to check them. after you have blocked the window, you can drill a hole on either side of the brick rather than a joint between two bricks. consider the fact that you’ll have to position the screws in hidden places. be sure that the screws aren’t more than 60 cm apart; typically, a label detailing these measurements will be on the window pane. the frame is secure, level and plumb you can move ahead and add the sashes. with conventional, cord-controlled sash windows ensure the weight is at the top of the frame, held there and then fasten to the top sash. you can make use of carpet tacks or a knot to achieve this. let the top of the sash to fit into its regular position after you have taken away the clips. the same process is repeated for the bottom sash. Sash Windows Hammersmith is adepts in conventional and contemporary construction and takes pleasure in sharing our special skills or knowledge with clients. Call 0800 061 4053, or visit our website at for more details on our sash windows.


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