Sash Windows Colchester in Essex understands why people say that windows are the “eyes of the house”

They let the light in, let you see out, and give the building its individual character. This signifies that having the information about your windows is helpful at all times. What sash windows are ( Sash windows are usually made up of two moving panels, which otherwise known sashes. . The most popular sort of sash window, the “sliding sash”, is constructed of two sashes that move up and down, one in front of the other, and are balanced in place with lead weights. In more recent sash windows although this has been modified, and many now come with springs in place of weights. It’s possible to open a sliding sash window from the top, bottom, or to have them both open at once. Older style sliding sash windows do not have an outward swing, but modern styles have a tilt to them. In French sash means frame, that is the origin of the term. The “sash” in sash windows is a reference to the single framing on a glazed window. A big glazed zone is formed by little panes that hold tight in one piece, this how regular sash windows works. Sash windows the Backbone to British Architectural History.

After 200 years the sash windows are still considered a stylish piece, they were brought to the UK by the French in the 17th century

For this reason, they’re discovered in houses from different ages such as the Victorian, Georgian and Regency eras. Subtle differences can be found within the era mentioned within this discussion. . If you have a property which belongs to one of the eras mentioned it would be extremely important for you to have sash windows if you are trying to capture the historical feeling of the property. . If it isn’t, then you can choose whatever style windows you prefer. Sash windows have some great benefits even if you’re not looking for a traditional feel, including being one of the best methods to control ventilation and air flow when they’re maintained and sealed properly.

Due to the way they operate, even slightly opening the window can create a strong ventilation current through the environment

sash windows are highly secure for the reasons mentioned below. there is the possibility of leaving a little opened to them be locked. this means you can maintain airflow in and out, without the worry of invaders. the glazing has a role in here too. sash windows are typically made of multiple small panels, making it impossible for an intruder to break the window and climb in as the glazing bars will still be intact. Sash windows also come with come problems so Sash Windows Colchester in Essex recommends keeping a close eye on them to make sure they’re working properly.

This is especially the case with original and period sash windows

Nevertheless, any damages noticed can be rectified by having some restoration conducted. . wooden sash windows usually decay because of flaking paint. Sash Windows Colchester can replace your wooden sash windows with UPVC. however such occurrences can be easily prevented by maintaining the sash windows with modern paint finishes. often, the sashes stop moving because of a broken or frayed cord. this can be fixed easily, and doesn’t mean you need to have your windows replaced. but, it is vital that you have them repaired straight away, as when one breaks, the others will soon give way and also break due to the increased pressure. this could be a dangerous situation as sashes are typically heavy. if your windows are sticking and not sliding properly the reasons for the inefficiency could be due to the excess paint buildup. to take away any dirt on your windows, you must scrape them with sugar soap, so they can be perfect at the moment of cleaning them. cleaning traditional sash windows can be problematic. that’s why more modern sash windows tilt in to make cleaning easier. Fitting Sash Windows.

Sash Windows Colchester understands the essentiality of installing your windows properly if you want them to properly carry out their job

It has often been observed that sash windows are fitted into a brick wall and therefore, having a few tips within your possession will prove beneficial. . the border and the sashes can be divided. you need to understand this matter because it will make the window easier to carry and lift. this will then reduce any risk to injury or mistakes being made. use an air shim to place the border. put air shims between the wall and the border by its angles. you can thereafter make adjustments accordingly by ensuring that the window is at least 5 cm into the brickwork in order to protect it from the vagaries of the weather. protect your windows against burglary by ensuring that they are completely blocked on both sides. when you have blocked the window, drill two holes, one either side of the window, rather than having a joint in between 2 bricks. bear in mind that you will need to put in screws in less well seen places. ensure that the distance between the screws does not exceed 60 cm because there is generally a label on the windowpane providing details of the measurements. when the frame is protected, plumb and level, put in the sashes. if you are having traditional cord operated sash windows you must ensure that the weight is placed near the top to the frame, pinned in the position and that after attached to the top sash. you can use carpet tacks or a knot for this. take away the initial pins and make the top sash to rest in its expected position. the same process is repeated for the bottom sash. Sash Windows Colchester loves sharing our expert knowledge about traditional and modern construction with customers. If you are looking forward to finding more information about sash windows or to understand whether we can help you, please contact us on 0800 061 4053 alternatively visit our website .


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