Sash Windows Altrincham in Cheshire understands why windows are sometimes called the “eyes of the house.”

They let the light in, let you see out, and give the building its individual character. This means that understanding your windows is always important to know. What sash windows are? ( Sash windows got their name from the two moveable “sashes” that compose the window itself. The most familiar kind of sash window, the ‘sliding sash’, comprises of two sashes that glide up and down, one in front and one at the back, counterpoised by lead weights on cords. In more recent sash windows although this has been modified, and many now come with springs in place of weights. At the top, bottom or both is how a sliding window can be opened or closed. Conventionally, they have no external swing but most recent designs bend in and out. The term and word “sash”, comes from the French word for frame. The “sash” in sash windows is a reference to the single framing on a glazed window. In conventional sash windows, there are a few small panes held together with glazing bars to create larger areas. Sash windows An Important Part British Architecture .

The introduction of sash windows within England happened during 17th-century by the French and were considered incredibly fashionable during the following two centuries

For this reason, they’re discovered in houses from different ages such as the Victorian, Georgian and Regency eras. These periods may look similar, but they have unique aspects. If you want to give your house a certain traditional look, you must know from which period is. If not, then the design of your windows is entirely your choice. Sash windows have a great capacity of regulating how the air flows into a house, if they keep sealed properly, this is a benefit that no everybody knows, which means that sash windows are not only about the look.

Because of their design, even cracking the window open a little bit will make for an impressive ventilation system

for the below reasons, sash windows are also a very secure type of window. first of all, they can be locked even when they’re slightly ajar. thanks to that your window can be open enough to let the wind in, but no an unwanted guest. the glazing has a role in here too. because sash windows are generally composed of many small glazing panels, it would be very difficult for a burglar to climb past a damaged window or broken glass when the glazing bars is not damaged. Some usual problems are also associated with sash windows and therefore, Sash Windows Altrincham In Cheshire offers recommendations to keep a vigilant eye on the Windows with the sole intention of ensuring that they are working effectively. .

This is very true of original and period sash windows

Nevertheless, with just a simple renovation, they can be as good as new. the detachment of paint will rot wood sash windows in time. Sash Windows Altrincham can replace your sash windows with double glazing. this can be avoided just with constant maintenance and new paint finishes. a particular issue with regular sash windows that tend to stop the sashes are the broken and worn away cords. this can be fixed easily, and doesn’t mean you need to have your windows replaced. however, it is important to fix them quickly once they break because the strain will be unequal and more damage can occur. this is a risky circumstance because of the weight of the sashes. if you are having problems sliding your windows, and they seem to be sticking quite a lot, the problem is probably a buildup of paint. rub your windows down with sugar soap to remove and dirt of paint flakes before putting on a new coat of paint. cleaning traditional sash windows can be problematic. on the other hand, more modern standard windows have a tilt function that makes this process a lot easier. How To Install a Sash Window?

Sash Windows Altrincham knows that you have to fit your windows correctly if you want them to do their job correctly

It is useful to know a couple of things before beginning to install sash windows, like how to do it in a brick wall. you can in most cases separate the sashes from the frame. placing the windows will be easier if you do it. this in turn will lower the possibility of you committing an unintentional error. place the frame in place by using air wedges. the wedges should be placed in the corners of the frame, between the frame and the wall. to protect the window from the natural elements you can place it 5 cm into the brickwork. intruders look for failures on the top and sides of your windows to check them. when you have blocked the window, drill two holes, one either side of the window, rather than having a joint in between 2 bricks. consider the fact that you’ll have to position the screws in hidden places. ensure that the amount of space between the screws is not more than 60cm; there is often a tag on the window pane specifying these dimensions. when the frame is protected, plumb and level, put in the sashes. in case you are installing a typical sash window you have to the weight at the top of the border, then fix the upside of the sash. you can make use of carpet tacks or a knot to achieve this. then, remove the first pins and allow the top sash to sit in its intended position. the same procedure needs to be repeated for the bottom sash. Sash Windows Altrincham is experts in traditional and modern construction methods, and we enjoy sharing our expertise with customers. . Contact us at 0800 061 4053 or go to to know more about our sash windows services.


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