PRESS RELEASE Damilola Taylor: why so many mistakes?


Report Date: Tuesday, April 04, 2006

PRESS RELEASE Damilola Taylor: why so many mistakes?

THERE SHOULD be an official inquiry into the litany of mistakes in the Damilola Taylor case, according to Black-led human rights organisation The 1990 Trust.


Today’s outcome means that yet another Black family has been denied justice.

Tanuka Loha, director of The 1990 Trust, said: ‘This result is a tragedy for the family of Damilola Taylor. Their hopes for justice have once again been raised and dashed.

‘The confidence of Black communities in the criminal justice system has taken another blow. The mistakes that have caused this must be solved for the sake of justice.

‘Richard and Gloria Taylor have been let down. We have all been let down. This is yet another high profile murder of a Black youth which has failed to result in a conviction.’

The failure of forensic experts to spot a drop of blood on the shoe of a suspect who was questioned by police cast shadow over the prosecution case.

The 1990 Trust are calling on the Metropolitan Police Authority to investigate the conduct of Forensic Science Service Ltd (FSS) who missed vital evidence during the first Damilola police investigation.

Tanuka Loha said: ‘This sloppy error undermined police work. There are many unanswered questions. We need a full investigation into the Damilola case, including the role of FSS.’

The 1990 Trust believes the public should know why different suspects were originally tried, and cleared, of the murder

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