Furniture usually takes centre stage when it comes to decorating and furnishing a new home. As Christmas draws near, you may be thinking of bringing in some interesting pieces of furniture to spice up the look and feel of your home. Here are some popular furniture related mistakes to avoid.

Going With Assumed Measurements

As obvious as it sounds, top furniture companies like Iris Furnishings know that a surprisingly high number of people go to make furniture purchases without a proper handle on required measurements. It goes beyond floor size. Take into consideration important details like elevators, stairs and hallways. Do you want to splash out on that beautifully handcrafted Indian set only to find out that it doesn’t fit or that you can’t get it through the front door?

Not Focusing On Scale

It might fit nicely while on display but will that magnificent centrepiece fit in your room? Always put scale into context when buying new furniture.

Forgetting That Natural Finishes Can Fade

Whether you are looking at fabrics, wood or leather, natural products will fade at some point when exposed to sunlight or artificial light.  When matching your furniture therefore, you have to keep this in mind.  Keep artificial finishes in areas that are closest to the light source and natural finishes in shadier areas of your room to ensure longevity.

Ignoring Colour

Ignoring fabric swatch before making furniture could prove costly. The colour that looks at home at the showroom might be out of place or overpowering when brought into the underlying theme in the room you are looking to uplift.

Getting Sucked In By Free Shipping

Free shipping is a good advantage most of the time but making a decision based on it alone could prove costly. Some businesses that offer free shipping mark up costs by as much as 35%. Do you really have to overpay to enjoy free shipping? Find the furniture you are looking for and compare costs properly before committing to the purchase.


Not Paying Attention To Durability In Relation To Possible Usage

How will your furniture be used? Who will be using it?  Some people have made the mistake of buying expensive furniture before thinking of how the presence of children and pets can influence its durability. A white coloured cushion in a living room with children and pet around is a bad idea. The same applies to a wooden piece that can be clawed at by your pets.

Buying Impulsively

Impulse buying is rarely a good thing. Do not rush out to buy furniture because you have to impress your friends coming over the next morning. There is a high chance of regretting that purchase long after your friends have come and gone! Spend time to analyse your furniture options and leave enough window to make the right decisions.

Choosing the right furniture can drastically improve the look and feel around your home. Avoiding these common mistakes is a sure way to making the right decisions on that front.


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