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Music can be a difficult subject to teach if you’re a homeschooling your children, especially if you aren’t musically inclined yourself. Learning music is good for kids’ brains and it can be a great way to make the school day a little more fun. If you want your kids to have a lifelong love of music, here are some ideas of where to start:

Online music courses

There are a ton of websites that offer free lesson plans, educational music games, sheet music and printable activities and for kids. A popular one is SQUILT ( SQUILT stands for “Super Quiet Uninterrupted Music Time”. It is a website meant to help parents with little to no musical knowledge incorporate music appreciation into their homeschool lesson plans. You can choose between pre-designed curriculums pertaining to composers, musical eras, or even seasonal music for the holidays.

Here are some other popular music websites for kids:

Private music lessons

If you aren’t musically skilled yourself, but you’d still like your child to learn an instrument, private music lessons can be a great way to incorporate a quality music class into your child’s schedule. Many instructors provide in-home lessons as well, meaning they can conduct the lessons in your home to avoid interrupting the school day. Taylor Robinson Music Lessons is a great website for finding certified music teachers that can provide private one-on-one lessons, or small group lessons, in your home. You can browse through instructors’ bios, schedules, and qualifications by typing in your zipcode on the website. Lessons are available to K-12 students (as well as adults) and all of the instructors are required to pass background checks to be certified.

Public school bands/orchestras

If your child is already proficient in an orchestra or band instrument and you’d like them to play with a group, many public school districts allow homeschooled kids to participate in their extracurricular activities. If you aren’t sure if your state or locality allows this, you can research your local equal access laws on the HSLDA website, or call your local public school district directly.

Incorporate music in other subjects

The best way to instill a love of music in your kids is to incorporate music into other aspects of their days. Use music as a teaching tool in other subjects. For instance, listen to music from the time period as part of a history lesson, or use songs to help your child remember grammar or math rules, Schoolhouse Rock-style.


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