There are many reasons why you should replace your obsolete windows with Replacement Windows Northamptonshire in Northamptonshire

The new Windows will not be drafty, will not require unsightly storm windows and most importantly will tilt easily for cleaning. . The replacements will also be more efficient than your existing Windows -, but they are badly needed as a replacement despite the requirement of paying £300-£1500 if you are looking forward to lowering your utility bills for heating and cooling. . Here is what you need to be aware of prior making the investment (

Their Numbers Are Not So Great

The old units with storm windows are only 15% less effective as a new double-paned window, which has the double of capacity to keep the temperature that the single-paned windows from 20 years ago. Windows only make up a small fraction of the exterior of your building and therefore, the new Windows, will just produce about 5 to 15% of total energy savings. . The normal homeowner in the United Kingdom pays about £1,000 per year to heat and cool a house, which indicates that it would take you more than 100 years to earn back your investment.

Consider maintenance from Replacement Windows Northamptonshire

As most experienced contractors know, today’s budget friendly solid wood products don’t tolerate the elements as well as more expensive materials. Therefore, if you are looking to avoid paying more for your Windows, Replacement Windows Northamptonshire strongly suggests that you replace your windows versus getting new ones. One option is real wood windows covered on the outside by an aluminium cladding or another more affordable choice is vinyl windows. The cladding will be delivered to you factories painted in the colour of your choice, and the finish are guaranteed for 20 years – a factor which is longer by 3 to 4 times when compared to the exterior paint applied to solid wood windows. . Aluminium-clad wood costs roughly 12-20% more than unclad wood.

Your Existing Windows Can Be Repaired By Replacement Windows Northamptonshire

There is no need for new windows if your old ones are windy or have problems to open and close. Glazing, substitution or broken parts and repairing are part of a great job of a renovation of Replacement Windows Northamptonshire. When we’re done, the restored windows may be just as efficient as brand new ones and will typically only cost you 100 to 350 pounds per window. You can see great windows that must preserved, in old buildings. Aesthetics are very important. When homeowners sell their homes, they typically get about 73% of their replacement window investment back. On the other hand, if wrong Windows were chosen along with the replacements, it could very well detract the value of the place. . Authentic wood windows are essential architectural characteristics, such as mantelpieces and built-in cabinets. In case you wish to replace them with an inferior item, the residence will lose value. When replacing original windows, make sure to stay true to the look by using wood instead of vinyl and matching the number of panes in the originals to keep the same divided light pattern.


To substitute a window there are two methods. Replacement Windows Northamptonshire can remove the internal and external decoration to set up a completely new window unit – and close every space – before installing the decorations again, the exact procedure being followed in a total revamp project. Alternatively, they can also install a window insert which is a smaller unit that fits within the existing opening eliminating the need for removing the trim which is presently existing. . The latter will result in savings of £150-£300 for every window in terms of labor costs, but it does not allow any opportunities for insulating the air gaps which are common to window openings and therefore, the inserts may not provide the kind of energy savings that are desired. . Furthermore, the general size of the insert window will be two to four inches lower and it will seem to be a modernization than a window that really belongs.

Replacement Windows Northamptonshire in Northamptonshire

Replacement Windows Northamptonshire has been providing high quality when it is about replacement window results to their clients for decades and has a wide range of original solutions. Located in Northamptonshire, Replacement Windows Northamptonshire covers Northamptonshire and environs for services such as change of windows, upkeep and refurbishment projects. Call 0800 246 5983 now to get in touch with them. For further detail visit


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