Sash Windows Islington in Greater London understands why people say that windows are the “eyes of the house”

They bring in natural light, allow you to view out of, and define the style and design of your own building. This means that understanding your windows is always important to know. What are sash windows made of? ( windows are commonly composed of two movable panes of glass, called “sashes”. The most popular sort of sash window, the “sliding sash”, is constructed of two sashes that move up and down, one in front of the other, and are balanced in place with lead weights. However, weights are not the main part anymore in modern sash windows, but springs. The sliding sash windows have openings at the bottom and top. Older style sliding sash windows do not have an outward swing, but modern styles have a tilt to them. The term sash has originated from France and is similar to frame. . The “sash” in sash windows is referring to the single frame glazing. In conventional sash windows, there are a few small panes held together with glazing bars to create larger areas. Sash Windows Essential and Integral Part of British Architectural History.

Sash windows were brought into England near the end of the 17th century by the French and was regarded extremely trendy for the subsequent 2 centuries

This is the reason why these windows are found in houses that belong to a different era, including the Victorian, Georgian and the Regency periods. . Subtle differences can be found within the era mentioned within this discussion. . If you have a property which belongs to one of the eras mentioned it would be extremely important for you to have sash windows if you are trying to capture the historical feeling of the property. . If otherwise, then the design of your window is actually incumbent upon you. Sash windows have a great capacity of regulating how the air flows into a house, if they keep sealed properly, this is a benefit that no everybody knows, which means that sash windows are not only about the look.

The functionality of the sash window is such that even opening the window slightly will make it possible for you to have a powerful ventilation system

for the below reasons, sash windows are also a very secure type of window. first of all, sash windows can be held in an ajar position. this is a clear sign that you will have no problems with intruders even if the windows are left ajar. another reason which should also be considered is the glazing. sash windows are typically made of multiple small panels, making it impossible for an intruder to break the window and climb in as the glazing bars will still be intact. However to be sure that they are working in the right way Sash Windows Islington in Greater London advice to watch the windows constantly.

Original and period sash windows more than any others

However, any damage to the window can easily be sorted out with restoration. wooden sash windows commonly rot due to flaking of paint. Sash Windows Islington can replace your sash windows with aluminium. this can be avoided just with constant maintenance and new paint finishes. damaged and worn out cords are a common issue with traditional sash windows and make the sashes to become immovable. do not look for new windows because it can be repaired. but, it is vital that you have them repaired straight away, as when one breaks, the others will soon give way and also break due to the increased pressure. sashes are quite heavy, so this can cause complications if not sorted quickly. too much paint building up can lead to your windows sticking and not sliding properly. rub your windows down with sugar soap to remove and dirt of paint flakes before putting on a new coat of paint. cleaning traditional sash windows can be problematic. however, things are different with the modern varieties which are available because they often have tilting functions, which have simplified the process. Fitting Sash Windows.

Sash Windows Islington is fully aware that it is important to install your Windows appropriately especially if you are looking forward to maximum benefits from them

It has often been observed that sash windows are fitted into a brick wall and therefore, having a few tips within your possession will prove beneficial. . the border and the sashes can be divided. placing the windows will be easier if you do it. this factor will lower the risk of you making mistakes of any type. Hold the frame in a proper position using the air wedges. position the wedges at the edge of the frame, between it and the wall. you can then acclimatise accordingly; ensuring that the window is at a minimum of 5 cm into the brickwork in order to safeguard it from atmospheric conditions. intruders look for failures on the top and sides of your windows to check them. drill a hole in each side into the brick instead of putting a joint, after you have secured your window. the screw must not be easy to see, remember that. ensure that the distance between the screws does not exceed 60 cm because there is generally a label on the windowpane providing details of the measurements. once you’ve secured the frame, plumb and level it, then add the sashes. if you are having traditional cord operated sash windows you must ensure that the weight is placed near the top to the frame, pinned in the position and that after attached to the top sash. you can make use of carpet tacks or a knot to achieve this. take away the initial pins and make the top sash to rest in its expected position. repeat the same process for the bottom sash. Sash Windows Islington is experts in traditional and modern construction methods, and we enjoy sharing our expertise with customers. . If you are looking forward to finding more information about sash windows or to understand whether we can help you, please contact us on 0800 061 4053 alternatively visit our website .


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