Double Glazing West Midlands Within West Midlands Examines The Question About Whether Triple Glazing Are Really Better Than Double. The idea that larger is better, has pushed the domestic window market in the UK for a long time. The market for double glazing has changed consistently starting from an overall thickness of 20MM to 24MM and ultimately settling down on 28MM despite having the information that 24MM is the best option available thermally with air or argon gas cavities. .

The depths of the frames expanded nominally from 60MM to 70MM despite, there being no significant technical improvement simply with the misconception that bigger is best

But, is really triple glazing better than double? 3 works better than 2? ( The straightforward reply is there is no straightforward reply. The Villain Of This Piece As It Is Usually The Condition Remains In The Detail. We must have in mind the specs of any recommended IGU (Insulated Glass Unit) to offer a good response to that question.

The present industry standard which is being applied for double glazed units is off one 4 MM pane of low E [low emissivity] coated glass and one pane of 4 MM plain annealed glass along with a 20MM cavity of argon gas [makeup = 4-20-4]

This will give you a centre pane u-value of 1.1 W / kilojalores per metre squared. If a center pane of plain glass is introduced, but the overall thickness of the unit is retained at 28 MM [4-8-4-8-4] we can arrive at a U value of 1.2 W/M sq. K which will deliver a performance that will be worse than a double glazed unit. But to have a better functioning of the unit, we must have a larger thickness of the triple glazed unit. To get to a u-value of 0.9 W / kilojalores per metre squared the thickness required is 44mm (4-16-4-16-4). This could be improved further still, by adding another low emissivity panel, the u-value would drop to 0.6 W/ m2K.

Looking at this in terms of the heat loss prevention due to glazing, going from 1.1 W/ m2K to a possible 0.6 W / m2K seems like something worth forking out for

A widely accepted industry standard for measuring thermal performance and a part of Building Regulations, The Window Energy Rating Scheme judges heat loss as well as solar gain. So the amount that the triple glazed unit improves heat loss is directly countered by the reduction or warmth created by sunshine.

Using Low Iron glass to get a high solar gain is one solution, but because if is more translucent than traditional glass, it can be significantly more expensive

There is another factor that suppliers of triple glazing must carefully think about. This issue is related to the cracking of the units because of thermal stress. . The centre pane of a triple glazed unit does not have any air movement around it because of the encapsulation the temperatures can reach higher than can be expected for double glazing. . They way of fix this is expensive and it is adding a hardened pane in the center of the unit.
So, is it possible that triple glazing can improve thermal performance of IGU? But what about the price? It is necessary to think about this very well because the electricity cost increases every year.

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