Double Glazing Glasgow Looks Into Whether Or Not Triple Glazing Is Superior To Double. For years the indigenous window market in the UK has evolved on the proposition that bigger is better. The market for double glazing has changed consistently starting from an overall thickness of 20MM to 24MM and ultimately settling down on 28MM despite having the information that 24MM is the best option available thermally with air or argon gas cavities. .

The misconception that bigger is better also influenced the growth of frame depths, from 60mm to 70mm with no real technical advantage

But, is really triple glazing better than double? 3 works better than 2? ( To understand the situation people will be required also to understand the simple answer as no answer for this question is in sight. . The Level Of Detail Is The Important Aspect. The individual specification of any proposed IGU (insulated Glass Unit) must be taken into consideration to answer this question correctly.

The recent industry recognised excellent double glazed unit consist of one 4mm sheet of “low E” (Low emissivity) coated glass, one sheet of 4mm unembellished toughened glass and a 20mm cavity of argon gas (makeup = 4-20-4)

This combination will provide a centre pane U-value of 1.1 W/M square K. . We end with a worse execution if we come to a u-value of 1.2 W / kilojalores per metre squared if we place a center pane of plain crystal and keep the total thickness of the unit of 28mm (i.e. 4-8-4-8-4). But to have a better functioning of the unit, we must have a larger thickness of the triple glazed unit. The best thickness is 44mm (4-16-4-16-4), which will provide a u-value of 0.9 W / kilojalores per metre squared. Adding a second “Low E” pane can make this even more optimal making the u-value 0.6 W / kilojalores per metre squared.

Going from 1.1 W / kilojalores per metre squared to 0.6 W / kilojalores per metre squared is a difference that worth the money, this is a big improvement on the temperature regulation

A widely accepted industry standard for measuring thermal performance and a part of Building Regulations, The Window Energy Rating Scheme judges heat loss as well as solar gain. So the amount that the triple glazed unit improves heat loss is directly countered by the reduction or warmth created by sunshine.

To solve this problem, and increase the solar light input, low iron glass can be used instead of the traditional glass used in practice, however, this will be a lot more expensive to use

There is another factor that suppliers of triple glazing must carefully think about. Thermal stress can cause units to crack. As the centre sheet of glass in a triple glazed unit has no air motion around it, as it is encapsulated, it can attain much greater temperatures than would be required for double glazing. The solution for this problem would be to use a toughened pane at the center of the unit which would inevitably enhance the cost again.
So, is it possible that triple glazing can improve thermal performance of IGU? Maybe, but what will it cost? It’s something that needs to be taken into consideration as energy costs rise by double digit percentages every year.

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