Double Glazing Bradford In West Yorkshire Looks Intently Into The Question Of If Triple Glazing Is Actually More Okay Compared To The Double. The idea that larger is better, has pushed the domestic window market in the UK for a long time. Although 24mm is the best size of thickness, it has reached the 28mm and everything begun with a double glazing of 20mm or 24mm of thickness.

Frame depths rose from insignificant 60mm to 70mm for no important technical advancement, only the wrong idea is that bigger is better

The new question being asked is, are triple glazed windows better than double? Is three really better than two? ( There’s no simple answer to this. The Villain Of This Piece As It Is Usually The Condition Remains In The Detail. To answer the question appropriately, the individual specifications of any IGU [insulated glass unit] must be considered. .

Currently, the industry standard for a double glazed window it on 4 mm pane of low E (low emissivity) coated glass, one pane of 4 mm plain annealed glass, and a 20mm cavity of argon gas, giving it a make up of 4 – 20 – 4

1.1 W / kilojalores per metre squared is the u-value of the center panel offered. If we bring in a centre pane of plain glass but maintain the total thickness of the unit at 28mm (i.e. 4-8-4-8-4), we attain a u-value of 1.2 W / kilojalores per metre squared – a less appealing performance compared to the double glazed unit. However, if the overall thickness of the triple glazed unit is thickened by increasing the cavities between the panes, we can begin to notice an improvement in the performance of the unit. To get to a u-value of 0.9 W / kilojalores per metre squared the thickness required is 44mm (4-16-4-16-4). And to reach a u-value of 0.6 W / kilojalores per metre squared we must place another “Low E” panel into the unit.

On the surface, going from 1.1 W / kilojalores per metre squared to 0.6 W / kilojalores per metre squared in terms of heat loss seems like something worth paying for

The Window Energy Rating Scheme which has been widely accepted as the industry standard to judge thermal performance and also been subscribed into Building Regulations calculates solar gain along with heat loss. . The heat caused by the sunlight tear downs apart the number of the triple glazed units.

Using Low Iron glass to get a high solar gain is one solution, but because if is more translucent than traditional glass, it can be significantly more expensive

Triple glazing purveyors have to take another aspect into consideration. This problem has to do with cracking in units caused by heat stress. The centre pane of a triple glazed unit does not have any air movement around it because of the encapsulation the temperatures can reach higher than can be expected for double glazing. . They way of fix this is expensive and it is adding a hardened pane in the center of the unit.
So, we’ve answered the question to is it possible to increase thermal effectiveness by using a triple glazed window. Maybe, but what will it cost? With energy costs increasing by double-digit percentages yearly, it is a consideration that should be earnestly calculated.

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