If you’ve not received the phone you had in mind for Christmas, simply swap it in the January sales for one of these hit devices. 

An estimated £355 million worth of Christmas presents were returned last year, with 54% unwanted due to a wrong colour or size, 37% not liking the gift and 31% already owning a similar product, according to data collected by Go Compare. Christmas is the ideal time to get your hands on the latest mobile phone, but if your nearest and dearest disappoint and give you the wrong model, then don’t despair – you won’t be lumbered with a substandard gadget for the next couple of years. Instead, why not sell your Christmas phone back and hit the January sales to snap up one of these amazing alternatives?

iPhone Options

The iPhone X is the headline hit this winter and very different to Apple’s previous editions. This home-buttonless device can take a bit of getting used to, as it relies entirely on scroll technology to navigate around it, but once you do you won’t be sorry. The Face ID system ensures that no-one but the owner can unlock this phone which is a fantastic security feature providing peace of mind once you’ve parted with £999 to become the proud owner of this device with inbuilt 12MP camera.

Of course, as is always the case when a new model hits the shops, previous iPhone versions drop in price and become bargains. The iPhone 8 for instance starts at £699 and for that, you get a great camera, wireless charging and a much faster processor than the previous iPhone 7 device. Also, if you’re not a fan of a total move to touch screen, then you get to keep your home button functionality if you opt for the 8 or 8 plus phones.

Nokia 8

The buzz isn’t just about Apple this winter, and Nokia in particular has returned to the Android market with a bang. One of the signature gimmicks is the ability to take a ‘bothie’ with the dual camera which takes shots from the front and back of the camera at the same time. More sensible features include the 5.3-inch screen with rounded edges which makes it really comfortable to hold. Starting at £499, this one shouldn’t be overlooked.

Samsung Galaxy S8

This phone boasts its famous Edge display which allows the screen to fit seamlessly to each side of the screen. Yet you don’t need to be too precious with the Galaxy S8 device as it’s fully water and dust resistant. It’s a great phone for taking on holiday, or just about anywhere really, as it boasts an effective and powerful camera as well as 64GB of internal storage to store your pics. This phone is almost half the price of the iPhone X, starting at around £579.

These are the biggest names in mobile devices at the moment, but you may of course have your head turned by another phone costing much less in the sales. If that’s the case, always do your research, both on the quality of the phone as well as the company’s returns policy so that you can exchange it or obtain a refund if you’re still not satisfied. Buying a mobile phone is a very personal decision – it will likely be in the palm of your hand for the next year at least, so it’s essential that you take your time in getting it right.


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