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black information link The 1990 Trust, human rights for race equality
The 1990 Trust's independent community website for black communities


2007 Bicentenary of Abolition
America at war
Black Elders
Black Workers
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Human Rights
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Stephen Lawrence

2007 Bicentenary of Abolition


BBC site commemorating the passing of the Slave Trade Act

Abolition of the Slave Trade Bicentennial: What&#39s on in London?

Listings of events in London to commemorate the bicentenary, and to raise awareness of the role of slavery in London’s history, and the role of London in its abolition

Set All Free

set all free has been established by Churches Together in England to commemorate the bicentenary of the Abolition of the Slave Trade Act in 2007 in ways which challenge modern society to engage with Christian values. The project aims to highlight how the abolitionists’ values can transform our relationships on an individual, community and society level.

America at war

Dahr Jamail's Iraq Dispatches

Weary of the overall failure of the US media to accurately report on the realities of the war in Iraq for the Iraqi people and US soldiers, Dahr Jamail went to Iraq to report on the war himself

London against gun and knife crime

A tool for practitioners working with young people involved in, or at risk of getting involved in gangs and gun crime is a web-site that exists solely to raise awareness of the plight of the cage prisoners at Guantanamo Bay, through effective legal means. The web-site is not aligned to any Islamic group or organisation. The site is run by individual Muslim volunteers

Website dedicated to articles by Robert Fisk – Middle East correspondent for Independent Newspaper UK


African Holocaust

African Holocaust (Maafa) is a non-profit society dedicated to the study of African history and culture.

Arabic Words in English

Ever wondered how much influence Arabic words have in the English language?

Black Fashion Designers Network

It is well known that fashion in Britain and the United States, is heavily influenced by young black style, So we would like to see our young cutting edge creators become more visible in the UK fashion industry.

Black History Links

A selection of resources exploring black history including archives and educational material

Black In Britain

Black News magazine featuring a who&#39s who and review of the news

Black Nerds Network

We&#39re Black. We&#39re Nerds. We&#39re a Network. ..Seeking other Artists, Musicians, Poets, Writers, Designers, Philosophers, Astrologists, Free thinkers

Black Oxford

First walking tours celebrating Black Oxford&#39s Scholars

Black Success

Site for people of African heritage containing Black success stories, courses and books.

Chevalier de Saint-George

Website on an athletic, musical, and military hero who became a superstar in 18th century France. Called “Le Mozart Noir”, he became the first black man to lead France`s most important orchestras. He was also Europe`s finest fencer, a master horseman, elite musketeer, infamous playboy, and a Colonel who led an army in the French Revolution.

Dak’Art, 7 th edition of the Biennale of the contemporary african art in Dakar, Senegal

Including The Dak'Art_Lab, the laboratory of Art and Technologies serving as a platform of encounters between scientists, technicians and artists.

Drum online forum

Help us build the No.1 online community for writers, artists, entertainers and photographers with an interest in cultures of black origin (COBO) arts, music, literature, lifestyle, etc. Exchange news, views, seek advice and chat with other creative professionals worldwide.

Drum Online

arts and culture magazine

Every Urban Thing

Urban directory based in the UK, providing Urban music news, Urban DVD’s & CD’s and competitions online

Fun Da Mental album: “All Is War”

The album the mainstream establishment do not want you to listen to. Available to download

Love music, Hate Racism

Love Music Hate Racism uses the positive energy of the music scene to fight back against the racism being pushed by Nazi organisations like the BNP.

Merseyside Maritime Museum section on the International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and its Abolition – August 23

National Museums Liverpool is just one of the partners in the Liverpool Slavery Remembrance Initiative, the others being Liverpool City Council and individuals from local community organisations

Moving Here

Moving Here is a large database of digitised photographs, maps, objects, documents and audio items from 30 local and national archives, museums and libraries which record migration experiences of the last 200 years

A website for Artists of African Descent and an on-line portal for African American History. It includes over a thousand slave narratives


Channel 4 site bringing together the wealth of web resources recording and celebrating the contributions of immigrant cultures to contemporary Britain.


UK-based black writer educator and thinker Onyeka on the power of writing and history to affect the future

Refugees Asylum Seekers and the Media (RAM) Project

Promoting best practice in media representation of refugee and Asylum issues

The Black British Heritage Group

The BBH Group raise the awareness of the whole community to the contributions made by Black people to Britain and British Society.

The Black Inventor

Online museum of black inventors

The Hardnoxx film Project

This project has been initiated by a film-maker living in Handsworth, Birmingham working with a group of young people and young ex-offenders . He will draw on his contacts within the community resulting in the making of an authentic, credible and educational film

The Slavery History Trail in Liverpool

Website of the Liverpool History Tours run by “Black Scouser” Eric Lynch

Unheard Words

The space for new writing by writers of colour

Virtual Migrants

Virtual Migrants was founded in 1998 to bring together a range of artists, particularly those working in visual, music, performance and writing, to collaborate on moving image and new media projects. Its critical purpose is to add new aesthetics and perspectives to themes of race, migration and globalisation, and to draw public attention to expressions of migrants whose existence is held in question and the causes of those political issues which continually make headline news.

Vocalized Ink Radio

VI Radio, a non-profit webcasting station has been on air for over four years in part supported by donations from our listeners and Vocalized Ink, LLC. We feature the unknown poets, spoken word artists and independent artists.

Voice of Africa Radio

Internet radio station for the African Community in London and worldwide

f1st is a company that develop gifts and services to promote special occasions and was founded by Television Presenter Trish Adudu. The website also has tips and help for those looking for their first break in TV

A free audio/video library for Our People to go to if they want to hear Our leaders, lecturers, and activists: Kwame Ture, Huey Newton, Assata Shakur, Khalid Muhammand, Francis Cress Welsing, John Henrik Clarke, Elijah Muhammad, Fannie Lou Hamer, Marcus Garvey, Jomo Kenyatta, Patrice Lumamba, Kwame Nkurmah, etc, etc

Black Elders

Policy Research Institute on Ageing and Ethnicity

Organisation dedicated to improving the quality of life of black and Ethnic Minortiy Elders in the UK and in Europe

Black Workers

DiversityXchange Magazine

Committed to providing an open platform for contributors on a wide range of diversity issues.

PATH National Ltd

A Skills Development and Lifelong Learning Agency addressing under-representation and inequalities of Black and minority ethnic groups in management and the professions through the provision of innovative training, career opportunities, motivation and support to individuals and organisations wishing to create a workforce that reflects our diverse communities

TUC Black Workers

The TUC campaigns for race equality in the workplace and in the wider community. Here you can find recent TUC information and materials material on the work of the TUC in areas such as Black Workers and the Labour Market, Campaigns, Organising Black Workers, Black Workers Conference


Campaign against Racism and Fascism

The CARF group is not aligned to any political party or tendency. It is composed of individuals from many walks of life: designers, lawyers, journalists, students, race relations workers all of whom share a commitment to fighting racism. allows campaigners to set up their own fully-fledged web site. It offers a powerful tool for lobbying decision makers locally, nationally or internationally. You can use to campaign on any issue. The system is quick and simple to use – and it&#39s free!

Free Babar Ahmad

Babar Ahmad, a British citizen, was arrested and severely beaten by anti-terrorist police in a pre-dawn raid in December 2003. He was released WITHOUT CHARGE. On 5th August 2004 Babar was re-arrested on an Extradition Warrant from the United States of America. He is currently held as a British Political Prisoner at Woodhill

Free Babar Ahmed

Babar Ahmed is a British citizen who has spent the last year detained in a UK Prison pending extradition to the US. No evidence has been produced against him and no charges have been made.

IRR News

Independent race and refugee news network Published by the Institute of Race Relations


London Black Families

London Black Families recruit, prepare and approve black, Asian and mixed-race prospective adopters in and around London, and match with children.

Victoria Climbie Charitable Trust

In the wake of the Government&#39s Children&#39s Green Paper, Victoria’s parents have now established the Victoria Climbié Charitable Trust, to commemorate the life of their daughter, and to build a school in the Ivory coast in her memory.

Civil Liberties

Anti-Terrorism Legislation

– On the Home Office site

Campaign Against Criminalising Communities

Campaigning to preserve civil liberties and human rights in the UK

Against UK detentions, without trial of foreign nationals


monitoring the state and civil liberties in the European Union

Stop Political Terror

Campaigns and media defending civil liberties

Crime & Policing

Terrorism Act 2000

Text of the Terorism Act 2000 on the Stationary Office website

Independent Police Complaints Commission Information Leaflets

Leaflets to inform you about the work of the IPCC and support you through the complaints process.

Anti-Terrorism, Crime and Security Act 2001

Text of the Anti-terrorism, crime and Security Act 20001, HM Stationary Office Website


INQUEST provides a specialist, comprehensive advice service to bereaved people, lawyers, other advice and support agencies, the media, MPs and the wider public on contentious deaths (especially deaths in custody ) and their investigation

Keith Jarrett suggests an increase in police stop and search to curb spate of recent youth murders

Keith Jarrett, President of the National Black Police Association has called for a stepping up of stop and search of back people in the light of the spate of youth murders this year.

Metropolitan Police Authority

The MPA is an independent statutory body which scrutinises and supports the work of the Metropolitan Police Service

National Black Police Association UK

The NBPA is a national voice for all constituted black police associations in the UK

Stop and Search

An online guide to Stop and Search and your rights

The Robert Levy Foundation

16 year-old Robert Levy was murdered a few yards from his home in Hackney, whilst trying to stop a fight. Ian and Pat Levy set up the Robert Levy Foundation in remembrance of their brave son and so that the issues of knife crime can be highlighted to prevent further loss of life.

black and minority ethnic cracking crime project (BME CCP)

The Black and Minority Ethnic Cracking Crime Project aims to nurture sustained BME sector involvement in crime reduction and crime prevention initiatives through voluntary sector capacity building and by influencing policy


London Ethnic Minority Deaf Association

Aiming to provide culturally-specific services to deaf people from minority ethnic communities and their family and friends

Parents for Inclusion

Parents for inclusion is a national organisation of parents of disabled young people. Pi runs a telephone helpline and holds workshops for parents and professionals. Working at grassroots level, Pi supports parents in schools through the setting up of inclusion groups.

The Council of Disabled People

The Council of Disabled People (CDP) is a Charity organisation that exists to promote and realise the interests of Disabled people regardless of class, colour, race, sexuality, gender and/or age. By Disabled people we intend anyone who has a physical and/or sensory impairment, labelled as learning disabled, mental health users and survivors, people with HIV positive status and other hidden impairments and/or conditions. The Council of Disabled (CDP) encourages the inclusion of Disabled people in the general community and it also provides services directly to Disabled people. CDP is a Disability rights provider

The Organisation of Blind African Caribbeans (OBAC)

OBAC exists to ensure blind and partially sighted Africans and Caribbean people access relevant services, influence decision and policy makers, to enable them to overcome barriers that prevent them become active members of the community.

Equalities National Council of BME Disabled People and their Carers

Equalities is the emerging National Council of Disabled People, Carers and those with long term Impairments from Black & Minority Communities. Equalities is an independent Enterprise which is run by its service users, who all have a good understanding of the barriers disabled people and carers from our communities experience when trying to get the help and support we feel we are in need of.


Advisory Centre for Education

The Advisory Centre for Education (ACE) is an independent registered charity offers information about state education in England and Wales for parents of school age children. They offer free telephone advice on many subjects like exclusion from school, bullying, special educational needs and school admission appeals.

Afro-Caribbean Education and Training Services

A Nottingham based Charity providing services to African and African-Caribbean, deaf, hearing-impaired and other disadvantaged people


A new and exciting fundraising and networking community programme. Lift is passionate about addressing the educational needs of the community. Lift raises awareness of issues in education and provides solutions.

Nugent Education Ltd.

Company that addresses issues such as inclusion, appropriacy (citizenship/behaviour) and bullying (as well running workshops 'just for fun' and/or Artistic Creativity, as part of a Curriculum area and so on) through Hip-Hop, House Music & Urban Arts programmes for children & young people

Race Equality – Resources for Schools

Collection of resources on the Warwickshire County Council Website


Promoting educational achievement and advocacy for parents and carers raising African-Caribbean children.

The Black Training and Enterprise Group (BTEG)

BTEG are a high profile national organisation working to improve opportunities in black* communities.


Unionlearn is the TUC's learning and skills project. It organises union-led learning and skills training in the workplace.

Working group Against Racism in Children's Resources

The Working Group Against Racism in Children's Resources is a voluntary organisation and was formed in 1983 with the objectives of: raising awareness that racism is damaging to young children; identifying antiracist play and learning resources for children and developing strategies for the effective use of resources with children; providing advocacy and support for children and parents.


Catalyst Magazine

Published by the Commission for Racial Equality, Catalyst is a magazine of diverse opinion, debate and analysis on issues of race, identity, citizenship, culture and community.

Election Memory

The aim of this website is to encourage debate around the upcoming local elections in Lambeth and (hopefully) make people want to go out and vote as a result. It will also provide a permanant record of who stood on what policies and what voters thought of those policies.

Race and Faith and Communities

Part of the Government Department for Communities and Local Government – created on 5 May 2006


African HIV Policy Network

Representing African Community Groups and addressing HIV and Sexual Health throughout the UK


BMESpark is a website providing information, research and knowledge sharing forums for professionals involved in the provision and commissioning of services for BME communities. It is an initiative provided by Supporting People and produced by Lemos&Crane.

Black Health Matters

Mission: To become a leading non-profit organization promoting the healthcare needs of black people on a global level.

Black People's Mental Health Association

BPMHA provides day care services to mental health service users and carers in the local BME community.

Black and Asian Therapists Online

A directory of Black and Asian Therapists. The site also seeks to inform and educate about what to expect when you see a therapist and how to find a Therapist. All the information will be accessible and relevant to the Black and Asian Community in the UK.

Cancer Black Care

UK&#39s leading cancer support service for the black and minority ethnic (BME) community.

Deaths in mental health settings have skyrocketed, new report reveals.

Church leaders have added their voice to the growing numbers of community leaders who have expressed shock at how the numbers of death in mental health services have skyrocketed in the last 12 months.

Fanon Care

Southside Partnership Fanon Care provides a range of residential, day and outreach services to support African and Caribbean people with mental health needs, who are often misunderstood and overrepresented in the mental health system. Fanon Care aims to support every service user to lead a good quality of life, maintain privacy and freedom of choice, maximise independence and gain an understanding of themselves and their mental health needs.


MyHealthnet. MyHealthnet provides advice, counselling and educational and clinical services on Sexual, Reproductive and Psychosexual Health for the BME communities.

National BME Mental health Network

The (BMEMHN) is an infrastructure development in the black and minority ethnic voluntary sector with a special on mental health.

Nightingale Declaration

Can we create a healthy world today? How would we proceed? One person can try to make a difference. But, couldn’t small teams of people be even more effective? Could these networks start locally and grow to become effective globally?

The Afiya Trust

London based, black and ethnic minority (BME) led, second tier organisation with a nation-wide remit to reduce inequality in health and social care provision for racialised groups.

The Federation

The Federation provide drug and alcohol related support to black, south asian and visible minority professionals and communities

hyper GUIDE to the Mental Health Act.

The site is believed to be the longest running site on mental health law, set up in April 1996. The site is no longer actively updated, but many users continue to find it useful as a basic guide to the Mental Health Act 1983. The WebLinks page will give you some links to more up to date information, including recent case law, etc.

Human Rights

Amnesty International

Amnesty International (AI) is a worldwide movement of people who campaign for internationally recognized human rights.

Birmingham Race Action Partnership

b: RAP is an organisation trying to make a sustainable difference by working with others to increase their understanding of how to improve their paractice in ways that reduce inequality. Services include advice and guidance, research and publications, organisational development, events & seminars.

Charter 88

a constitutional reform organisation

Council of Europe

The Council of Europe is the continent&#39s oldest political organisation. It was set up to defend human rights, parliamentary democracy and the rule of law.

European Commission against Racism and Intolerance

ECRI’s task is to combat racism, xenophobia, antisemitism and intolerance at the level of greater Europe and from the perspective of the protection of human rights.

European Human Rights Centre

The European Human Rights Centre (EHRC) represents over 100 non-governmental and other not-for-profit organisations interested in the promotion of Human Rights throughout Europe and beyond.

European Network Against Racism (ENAR)

Provides news on current anti-racism and discrimination legislation and campaigns in the EU.

Human Rights Watch

Human Rights Watch is dedicated to protecting the human rights of people around the world.


International movement against all forms of discrimination and racism

Institute for Public Policy Research

an influential think tank with a human rights programme

Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants

an independent national voluntary organisation, campaigning for justice and combating racism in immigration and asylum law and policy. JCWI provides free advice and casework, training courses, and a range of publications.

Know Your Rights

Using the Human Rights Act to counter discrimination. Published by the 1990 Trust

Know Your Rights

Website from the 1990 Trust using the Human Rights Act to counter racism and discrimination


a civil liberties organisation for England and Wales (which now has an Ethnic Minorities Human Rights Project Officer)

Minority Rights Group

Minority Rights Group International (MRG) works to secure the rights of ethnic, religious and linguistic minorities and indigenous peoples worldwide, and to promote cooperation and understanding between communities.


an international organisations monitoring the State and Civil Liberties in the European Union. Based in London.

United Nations


Uses the power of video to open the eyes of the world to human rights abuses. By partnering with local organizations around the globe, WITNESS empowers human rights defenders to use video to shine a light on those most affected by human rights violations, and to transform personal stories of abuse into powerful tools of justice.


Don't believe the Type

Campaign by the Refugee Council countering negative press treatment and asserting asylum as a Human Right

Electronic Immigration Network

EIN is a specialist provider of information on UK immigration and refugee law via the Internet. EIN also contains information on immigration/asylum issues and caselaw from the European Union and selected documents from other English-speaking jurisdictions.

Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants

An independent national voluntary organisation, campaigning for justice and combating racism in immigration and asylum law and policy. JCWI also offers a free legal advice service on immigration.

Migrants Resource Centre

Migrant Resource Centre works with migrants and refugees and in partnership with other agencies, to effect social justice and change, enabling migrants and refugees to fully participate in this society.

No Place for a Child

A campaign against the detention of children in immigration detention centres. The UK government currently detains more than 2,000 children, including babies, in immigration detention centres every year.

Researching Asylum in London (RAL)

RAL is an independent database of research on refugee and asylum issues relevant to London. The aim of this project is to make research more accessible to service providers and policy-makers working in the field.

The Exiled Journalists’ Network (EJN)

A groundbreaking organisation set up to help journalists who have fled to the UK to escape persecution because of their media work.

The Independent Asylum Commssion

The independent review of the UK asylum system, will produce a report in 2008 making recommendations for reform. The commissioners will be investigating our asylum system on behalf of a whole range of citizens – from those who believe that asylum seekers are not being treated with humanity, to those who believe our asylum system is too generous.

The refugee story in statistics

UNHCR statistics on global trends for asylum seekers, refugees and internally displaced persons

UNITY Center, Glasgow

Offering friendly, practical solidarity and mutual aid to all asylum seekers, refugees and sans papiers.


2007 Ghana Calendar

A stylish calendar marking 50 years of independence for Ghana. Supporting the Sickle-cell Society

Asian Foundation for Philanthropy

A UK based registered charity which was established in November 2004 to link British Asians with exciting, innovative social change initiatives in Asia.

Black British Crew

Website for the Black British Community living in the United States.

Free Vananu

Campaign to free Mordecai Vananu and for a nuclear free Middle East, imprisoned for speaking out against Israel's secret nuclear weapons programme.

No Wall

The Israeli 'security wall' is the world's biggest prison. The wall encloses 250,000 Palestinians, cutting them off from schools, clinics, land, and any chance of a future as an independent state.

Pluto Press

Pluto Press has a proud history of publishing the very best in progressive, critical thinking across politics and the social sciences. We are an independent company based in London, with a sales and marketing office in the United States and distribution rights throughout the world.

Rwandan Survivors

Blogs include testimonies from survivors of the genocide (living in both the UK and in Rwanda).

World Social Forum 2007: Nairobi

The 7th edition of the World Social Forum brings the world to Africa as activists, social movements, networks, coalitions and other progressive forces from Asia-Pacific, Latin America, the Caribbean, North America, Europe and all corners of the African continent converge in Nairobi, Kenya for five days of cultural resistance and celebration.


US based Community Site commited to social change. Contributors include Noam Chomsky, John Pilger, Arundhati Roy and Robert Fisk

Palestine Online

The Palestine Online Store, launched in December, 2003, is a not-for-profit activist project geared towards making Palestine-related materials more widely available – varying from educational items to handcrafts.


Show Racism the Red Card: Ireland

Ireland's campaign against racism in football and society.


totallydigital UK is a specialist multimedia web design recruitment and staffing agency sourcing only experienced creative talents across the following disciplines; multimedia designer, macromedia directors, graphic design experts, account management and more.

Asian Jobsite

Asian Jobsite is the UK' s Leading Online Recruitment Site for Asians. They encourage applications from black and minority ethnic people.

Mann Weaver Drew

Mann Weaver Drew is a multi-ethnic consulting practice, providing services in organisational improvement, professional development, and executive selection., UK&#39s first ethnic recruitment portal.

Website which aims to help people from the Ethnic Minorities to get better access to job opportunities and the recruitment sector.


Ethnic Minorities Law Centre (EMLC)

A charity providing ethnic minority communities in Glasgow with access to professional services to address unmet legal needs. The EMLC has specialist knowledge and experience in discrimination and immigration law.

Black Lawyers Directory

The UK&#39s first online directory providing free listings of UK individual black minority ethnic (BME) lawyers and UK organisations with at least one BME lawyer.

Community Legal Service Direct

Website contains directory of legal advisors and a calculator to find out if you qualify for legal aid. Their advice line is open Mon-Fri 9am – 5pm. Call 0845 345 4345

How to find legal information and help

Information on getting legal help on the Legal Services Commission website (Organisation responsible for legal aid schemes).

Immigration Law Practitioners' Association

Established by leading UK immigration practitioners to promote advising and representation of immigrants and secure a non-racist, non-sexist, just and equitable system of immigration, refugee and nationality law

National Body of Black Prisoner Support Groups

The National Body of Black Prisoner Support Groups (NBBPSG) was established in 1998 from various groups of practitioners in the Criminal Justice Field, working directly with Black and Minority Ethnic Offenders. Our organisation is concerned with the isolation experienced by these organisations in their work and the un-supported environment, with regard to the raising and addressing of issues.

Northern Ireland Legal Services Commission

Getting legal help in Northern Ireland

Prisoners Race Discrimination Unit

A national charity set up to provide specialist advice and advocacy to prisoners with complaints of racial and other ethnic based discrimination in prisons throughout England and Wales

Scottish Legal Aid Board

The Scottish Legal Aid Board was set up in 1987 to manage legal aid in Scotland


Online resource from the Law Society to help find law firms in your area that can help with your legal issue

The Association of Muslim Lawyers

The Association of Muslim Lawyers (AML) works on issues of importance and significance to Muslims in the UK as well as highlighting issues that affect Muslims internationally.

The Black Solicitors Network

The Black Solicitors' Network aims to be the primary voice of black solicitors in England and Wales. The BSN is committed to achieving equality of access, retention and promotion of black solicitors.

The Law Society of England and Wales

The Law Society is the regulatory and representative body for 116,000 solicitors in England and Wales

The Society of Asian Lawyers

The Society of Asian Lawyers (“SAL”), formed in 1990, is the UK's largest independent legal society. A non-political organisation, SAL receives no government or third party funding and is reliant on annual subscriptions as its main source of income


BNP: Under the skin

Website resource from the BBC Panorama programme looking at the BNP's activities, the violence and criminal past among it's members and its fascist roots

Operation Black Vote

Operation Black Vote is the first initiative to focus exclusively on the Black democratic deficit in the UK. We believe that without a strong political voice for African, Asian, Caribbean and other ethnic minorities, the ideal of equality of opportunity – regardless of race and colour – will remain an ideal

Pluto Press

Pluto Press has a proud history of publishing the very best in progressive, critical thinking across politics and the social sciences. We are an independent company based in London, with a sales and marketing office in the United States and distribution rights throughout the world.

Pluto Press

Pluto Press has a proud history of publishing the very best in progressive, critical thinking across politics and the social sciences. We are an independent company based in London, with a sales and marketing office in the United States and distribution rights throughout the world.

Research community network: Stopping hate and building safer communities

Research community network is a website dedicated to research and data collection. The site is a virtual library and online educational resource.


Anti-racist, anti-fascist magazine

Stop the BNP

Stop the BNP is dedicated to combating nazi hate at the election polls. This June, anti-fascists will be faced with our biggest challenge yet as the BNP go all out in a bid to win seats in the Local, European and Greater London Authority elections. In the face of this threat, Searchlight want to make sure voters know the full story about who the BNP are and what they really stand for

The Power Inquiry

Set up to explore how political participation and involvement might be increased and deepened in Britain

At you can find out about your MP, search out what has been said in Parliament and add your own comments

Unite Against Fascism

A national campaign with the aim of alerting British society to the rising threat of the extreme right, in particular the British National Party (BNP), gaining an electoral foothold in the UK.

A project of the Canadian Anti-racism Education and Research Society. The objective is to fight racism and hate crime world-wide. You can help support this project! We depend on your suggestions for improving the website&#39s design, organization and content… Let us know what you think and what you want to see! You can also become a sponsor. Help us build this Website and protect human rights worldwide!


1001 Inventions

A unique UK based educational project that reveals the rich heritage that the Muslim community share with other communities in the UK and Europe.

Assembly for the Protection of the Hijab

The Vision of ‘Assembly for the Protection of Hijab’ is to campaign nationally and internationally for the protection of every Muslim woman’s right to wear the Hijab in accordance with her beliefs and for the protection of every woman’s right to dress as modestly and as comfortably as she pleases

Churches Commission for Racial Justice

The Churches’ Commission for Racial Justice(CCRJ) was set up by the British and Irish Churches so that they could engage in issues of race and justice together. It is a part of Churches Together in Britain and Ireland.

Muslim Heritage

A community site providing an educational forum to present and discuss Muslim Heritage

The Radical Middle Way

The Radical Middle Way project is a Muslim grassroots initiative aimed at articulating a mainstream understanding of Islam that is dynamic, pro-active and relevant, particularly to young British Muslims.



Caucasians United for Reparations and Emancipation: “We, an organization of white Americans, express our deep remorse for the ongoing wrongs committed by our people against Black men, women and children in the U.S. and throughout the Diaspora who are descendants of enslaved Africans.”

Millions for Reparations

United States based Reparations site: “They stole us. They sold us. They owe us”


Multi-lingual website to provide Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) older people and their families with access to information and proactively encourage the take up of housing, care and support services.

Show Racism the Red Card Scotland

An anti-racist campaigning and educational charity which combats racism by harnessing the role-model status of professional footballers


Skilltech is a partnership between Nisus Scotland and Skillnet Edinburgh that has been formed to provide IT and personal development training to black and minority ethnic people, refugees and asylum seekers

Society & Environment

Article 13

Leading specialist advisors in governance, business responsibility and sustainable development. Article 13 works with companies, governments and academic institutions to meet the growing pressure for better performance, whether it be social, environmental, ethical or economic.

Federation of Black Housing Organisations

FBHO is a membership body working with BME housing associations and others.

Housing Diversity Network

The HDN offers specialist consultancy and training on equality and diversity issues to the social housing sector. It provides advice, information, practical assistance and support

Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust

An independent, progressive organisation committed to funding radical change towards a better world.

Migration, race and population dynamics

Contains research on Britain&#39s ethnic composition and population change by the Population and Places (POPLA) group at the Cathie Marsh Centre for Census and Survey Research

Positive Action Training in Housing England(PATH)

PATH National Ltd is a skills development agency whose mission is to:”Address underrepresentation and inequalities of Black and minority ethnic groups in management and the professions through the provision of innovative training, career opportunities, motivation and support to individuals and organisations wishing to create a workforce that reflects our diverse communities”.

Race ActionNet

RaceActionNet is a one-stop information resource for practitioners and policy makers tackling racism in the home and neighbourhood

South East London Community Foundation (SELF)

Founded in 1995, the South East London Community Foundation (SELF) is an independent trust that has become a major local resource for communities in Greenwich, Lambeth, Lewisham, Southwark, Bromley and Bexley. Find out about the grants available from SELF at the link below

The Joseph Rowntree Foundation

The Joseph Rowntree Foundation is one of the largest independent social policy research and development charities in the UK. It supports a wide programme of research and development projects in housing, social care and social policy.

The Lipman-Miliband Trust

The Lipman-Miliband Trust is a progressive UK charity whose mission is to help support the practice and dissemination of socialist education and research.

VCS collaborate

VCS collaborate, the place to collaborate if you're involved with the Voluntary Community Sector.


Play Fair at the Olympics

Respect workers rights in the sportswear industry

Show Racism the Red Card

An anti-racist campaigning and educational charity which combats racism by harnessing the role-model status of professional footballers

Stephen Lawrence

Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust

The Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust was established in 1998 after the murder of Stephen, to advance education and promote equality of opportunity and good race relations. It also provides bursaries for students from disadvantaged communities to study architecture

The Stephen Lawrence Inquiry (Mac Pherson Report)

Presented to Parliament by the Secretary of State, February 1999


Bahiyah Woman Magazine

Bahiyah (Bye-hee-yah meaning beautiful in Swahili) Woman Magazine (BWM)for the spiritually conscious professional Black man and woman. BWM bring commentary that appeals to the spirit of the Black man and woman first; we then provide a mix of quality lifestyle, business and entertainment editorial content relevant to the professional 30+ Black male/female experience

British-African Women&#39s International Network

BAWIN is a non-profit making organisation, registered in England and Wales and operating internationally with offices in England, USA, Nigeria and Ghana. BAWIN believes that Africa can benefit from the contribution of all Africans and their friends both in Africa and internationally towards the development and sustainability of the continent&#39s economic growth.

Southhall Black Sisters

Southall Black Sisters, a not-for-profit organisation, was established in 1979 to meet the needs of black (Asian and African-Caribbean) women. They offer specialist advice, information, casework, advocacy, counselling and self-help support services for women experiencing violence and abuse


Black Youth Empowerment

A platform for black youth to discuss the issues.

British Youth Council

BYC represents and involves a coalition of young people through their involvement as individuals or through their youth organisations. We bring young people together to agree on issues of common concern and encourage them to bring about change through taking collective action.

Purple Youth

Purple Youth is an online resource for professionals working with young people

Talented Young People

website which aims to help create more young stars.


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