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BNP bid to exploit terror attack ends in election defeat

by Lester Holloway

THE NEO-NAZI British National Party were trounced in a council byelection last night as voters rejected attempts to exploit the London terrorist attack to spread racial hatred.

this is what pond life wipe off their shoes
BNP's Nick Griffin leads the way to ballot box defeat.

The BNP circulated a leaflet with a picture of the bombed bus in Tavistock Square next to the headline ‘Maybe now it’s time to start listening to the BNP’.

The BNP believed they could win the Becontree seat in the east London borough of Barking and Dagenham, but Labour candidate Alok Agrawal triumphed on the night trouncing the party led by Nick Griffin.

London Mayor Ken Livingstone, who is also chair of campaign group Unite Against Fascism, said “Tonight has shown that Londoners will not allow the terrorists or the BNP to divide this city.


“The BNP are a tiny group of contemptible parasites who are incapable of understanding the basis of this city’s strength and prosperity.”

bum paper
Patriot Missive: this shabby leaflet showed the BNP up for what they are.

The far-right party has a history of exploiting issues for political gain.

Last year the BNP won council seats in Bradford after stirring up hatred on the back of a Channel 4 documentary about Asian men abusing under-age white girls.

The Standards Board for England recently ruled that the BNP could be called ‘Nazi’.

The ruling followed a complaint to the local government watchdog from the BNP against Lib Dem councillor for Epping Gavin Stollar who told a public meeting “Nazis are not welcome in our town.”


Last month BNP leader Griffin was committed to Crown Court to face trial by jury on four race hate charges. The trial follows secretly-taped TV footage of Griffin allegedly using words or behaviour intended or likely to stir up racial hatred.

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BNP founder John Tyndall was also committed and is charged with two similar offences. BNP youth leader Mark Collett will answer to eight race hate crimes under the 1986 Public Order Act.

Yesterday police in Leeds had to cordon off a mosque after receiving intelligence that the far-right intended to attack the building during the nationwide two-minute silence to remember victims of last Thursday’s terror attacks.

Far-right are suspected of fuelling a wave of violent attacks against Muslims and firebomb arson attempts against mosques.

In east London Labour won 58% of the vote in the Beacontree byelection against 19% for the BNP. This defeat follows last month’s result in the neighbouring ward of Goresbrook, where the BNP lost their only seat in London

Margaret Hodge MP for Barking said “It is a great result. The people of Barking have resoundingly rejected the BNP’s message of hatred and division.”

Sabby Dhalu Joint Sectretary of Unite Against Fascism said “The BNP’s cynical ploy of attempting to exploit the atrocities last week for political gain have been overwhelmingly rejected by the people of Becontree.

“All decent people have been disgusted and appalled by the BNP’s campaign and the majority of decent voters made their voice heard – the people of Becontree voted to stop the BNP getting elected.”



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