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Unite to defeat terrorism says Phillips


BRITISH PEOPLE, of all faiths and races, must united against the terrorists who attacked London, rather than give the terrorist bombers the victory of seeing Britain divide, says the Commission of Racial Equality (CRE) chair Trevor Philips.

Trevor Phillips
Trevor Phillips

Muslim leaders warned there may be a possible backlash against Muslims and other minority groups in the UK, especially women who can be identified as Muslims because of their headscarves, after London was struck by terrorists last week.

Following last weeks bomb attacks on London, an intelligence investigation is currently taking place to try to identify who were responsible for explosions, which injured over 700 people and so far 49 people have been confirmed dead.

An Islamic website of a group calling themselves the Secret Organisation of al-Qaeda of Jihad Organisation in Europe, have claimed they are responsible for the London bombings.


Talking to BBC Radio Scotland&#39s &#39Good Morning Scotland&#39, Mr Philips commented: &#39My strong view is what the bombers really want is for people in this country to be divided, to be divided along faith lines, along racial lines, and that would their victory&#39.

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&#39I think our victory is to say no we won&#39t do that, we&#39re not going to point the finger, but we&#39re going to unite against them&#39, he proposed.

He emphasised: &#39The point is, the people who did this, they must know this morning they have no friends anywhere in this country&#39.

Mr Philips indicated that if the terrorists do turn out to be Islamic, the majority of people in Scotland and throughout the UK will realise the divide is not between Muslims and non-Muslims.


He explained: &#39The vast majority of people in this country, Muslim or non-Muslim, will be this morning thinking that actually the division here is not between Muslims and people who are not Muslims, it is between British people of all kinds and people who carry out this kind of ghastly atrocity&#39.

A mobile photo of travellers being evacuated through a tube tunnel

&#39I think it&#39s been an absolute tribute to people all over this country that there has been none of the sort of thing we might have expected five to ten years ago of people essentially beginning to blame a single community. I think we should be rather proud of that&#39, Mr Philips highlighted.

He added that there is no evidence any of the Muslim communities have supported the bombings, as Muslim leaders have openly condemned the attacks.

However, despite suggesting there will be very few racist attacks as a result of the bombings, he did point out that some people may be divided by a fear that Muslims they see may be terrorist.

Mr Philips warned: &#39People understandably are on edge, people will be afraid and there will be a sense it&#39s possible we might start inadvertently, without thinking about it very much, start being divided by this kind of fear&#39.

Instead, he urged people to get on with their daily lives as they normally would, as Mr Philips remarked: &#39Our neighbours, who might have been called Ally or Mohammed or whatever last Tuesday, are still our neighbours today. They are not different people&#39.

Also speaking to &#39Good Morning Scotland&#39, the Islamic Society of Scotland Chairman, Jalal Chaudry, commented: &#39I am sure that the people of Scotland are very sensible. They understand that the Scottish Muslim has nothing to do with these atrocities that have taken place in London&#39.

The Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) is encouraging people to report any incidents of racial abuse.

Number of views/comments on this document: 116


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