As a professional photographer, you take pride in the quality of your photos and how beautiful they come out. To achieve unique and creative effects on your pictures, you need a good photo editing software that offers;

  • A wide range of creative photo filters that give your photos a remarkable appearance.
  • A photo library manager that allows you to easily sort through thousands of photos.
  • Araw image processor that allows you process and manipulate the images the way you want.
  • Support for layer-based editing that allows you use different elements like colour, texts and photos. It also shows you how to remove text from a picture in order to achieve the right effect you need.

With the invention of a lot of photo editing software today like Photoshop which was once the best editing software and is still the best at what they do, finding a good software has become easier and below is a list of the best editing software that can provide your photos with the spark it deserves.

Affinity Photo

Affinity photo is a graphics editor known to be an easy alternative for Photoshop software. It allows unlimited layers, an incredible raw photo editing workspace and a wide range of colour space to enable you to work on your photos with absolute perfection. It has an extensive collection of tools such as blemish remove, live filters to enable you to apply blur and other effects to your photo, mesh wrap that allows you alter the shape and position of the layers for non-destructive colour correction and a lot of others. It also supports CMYK that prepares and arranges the photos for printing.

Buy your affinity photo software on Mac for 49 euros.

Adobe Photoshop Element

This is our best-recommended photo editing software for image editors, novice and hobby photographers. With its powerful tools, it allows you to create, edit, tag and organize photos in different categories upon import and also allows you to easily share images. Due to the fact it is mainly useful to novice photographers, it lacks some features that make it inappropriate for professional productions such as CMYK support, diverse colour management system and detailed soft-proofing for your photo. But in any way, it is still one of the best and easiest software for non-expert photographers. Plus, it supports both Macs and PCs.

Capture One Pro 10

This is a professional image editing software for both amateur and professional photographers that was developed by Phase One. It is designed for editing large quantity and quality images in a very fast and effective rate and this is why it is a little too powerful daily usage unless if you work with a high-end camera. It has all the features of good editing software such as the ability to adjust camera raw files, black and white conversion, CMYK support, non-destructive colour and keystone correction, spot removal and a lot of other features.

This editing software is usually for free and you can get it on Phase One website.


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