Act now! Save Joan Shurland from death


Report Date: Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Act now! Save Joan Shurland from death

Joan Shurland faces grave danger from the gangsters who killed her son, if the Home Office decision to deport her goes through. We are asking readers to act so she can stay in the UK





JOAN SHURLAND was shot through the head by gangsters. Doctors say it is a miracle she is still alive today. Her two sons have both been killed, one of them in front of her. Yet despite this the Home Office plan to deport her back to Jamaica where Joan Shurland fears certain death.

45-year-old Joan Shurland still has bullet fragments lodged in her brain after being shot through the head in November 1999. She awoke from a three-month coma to find her 18-year-old son Rasheed Lopez had been killed in the same incident. She later fled to Britain and claimed asylum after being threatened with a gun by people connected to the double-shooting.

Yet amazingly she has lost her claim for asylum in Britain. This campaign is to keep Joan Shurland here, where she can rebuild her life. We urge you to join the lobbying actions to save Joan Shurland from the violent death she fears if deported.

What you can do


To the Rt Hon David Blunkett MP

We the undersigned demand that Joan Shurland be allowed to stay in the UK. The deportation order placed on her by the Home Office constitutes a threat to her life. In Jamaica she has been targeted by her son's murderers whose previous attempt on her life has left her partially disabled and blind in one eye.

In the light of her vulnerability and the grave danger she would face, we believe the decision to force Joan Shurland to return to Jamaica demonstrates a level of compassion far short of the requirements of humane government. We demand our government meets those requirements.

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Dear (name of MP )

I am writing to ask that you look into the case of Joan Shurland, a 45-year old partially-disabled mother whose life will be under serious threat if the decision to deport her to Jamaica goes through.

When she lived in Jamaica, Joan's family was targeted by gangsters. They threatened to rape her daughter. She witnessed them murder her son. They then attempted to execute her, shooting her in the head. She was in a coma for three months. The attack left her blind in one eye, traumatised and still vulnerable to attack. She fled to the UK in 2002. Her house in Jamaica has been burnt down.

Joan's application for asylum seems to have been processed without considering the details of her individual case. A narrow and technical interpretation of persecution has been applied without regard for how this would affect her chances of survival.

Given Joan's vulnerability and the danger she would face were she to return, I believe the decision to deport her constitutes a threat to her life.

I urge you to investigate this matter and regard it in seriousness. I hope you decide to do whatever you can to enable Joan to continue to stay in Britain or, alternatively, forward your position to those with the power to intervene.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Signed… (your name and details)

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