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BLINK which stands for Black Information Link provides all the latest news and information concerning ethnic minorities living in the UK. Regardless if you were born in the UK or immigrated there for whatever reason, BLINK can provide all the news and other useful information needed to guide and inform you concerning minority communities.

BLINK was originally created with the intention of celebrating the lives of minorities both past and present. Our publications do not focus on a single minority. Instead, we ensure that those from both the more populous minorities and the less known ones are all equally and properly represented on our platform. We do this because we want the society at large to understand the significant role that minorities play in supporting the economy as well as introducing more colour and vibrancy to UK culture.

Our website discusses various aspects of the lives and accomplishments of minorities under the following categories;


The UK fashion scene has experienced various changes over the years and this has been in part due to the cultural influences of a variety of minorities. Different cultural backgrounds are now being infused into present day wears to create something completely new and exciting. BLINK brings you the latest news and releases from the world of fashion not only to keep you updated but ] also keep you entertained. Click here for more.


The UK sport scene is heavily influenced by the talents and abilities of athletes from various minorities. Sporting categories ranging from football to rugby, cricket, and athletics have over the years been dominated by people from different cultural backgrounds. The victories of this athletes have led the UK to glory in several international sporting events and we can provide you all the updates on the biggest sport stars and events here.


Want to discover how to live a healthier life? BLINK has health and nutritional experts who can guide you towards enjoying nutritious foods that don’t compromise on flavour. Also, we provide the latest news from the medical sector that will keep you informed on what’s changing and what’s new. Click here to discover more.


The world is a dynamic place with changes happening every minute in different sectors. And because information is power, the more you know about what is happening in the world, the better equipped you’ll be to handle the changes. Follow us on BLINK and we will provide you updates on what’s happening in countries around the world and how these occurrences might affect you. Click here to have a look.


Looking to update your lifestyle to something you feel will suit you better? BLINK can introduce you to the healthiest as well as cost effective life choices that will turn your life around and make you more fulfilled in more ways than one. It is all here.

The BLINK team works hard to provide unbiased information for all. If you are interested in writing for us, we also accept guest posts from those who have something interesting to say.

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